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5 Things To Do Instead Of Watching The World Cup

For many, the World Cup is a time to celebrate the joy of football, become a sofa-based referee, and express shock when your team gets knocked out in the early rounds. Again.

For others, the World Cup is a time of despair, of trying to figure out what time the soaps are on, and consoling your shocked friends and family when their team gets knocked out in the early rounds. Again.

If you fall into the latter group, don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas to keep you busy for those 90 long minutes (plus halftime, plus extra time, plus the post-match commentary…).


Each dog is different, but they typically require at least one walk of 30-60 minutes per day – though age, weather conditions and pet’s health are all factors. By taking your four-legged friend for a stroll you can pick up a drink enroute and make it home once the game’s finally over!

  • The health benefits of dog walking include lowering blood pressure and improving cardio fitness if you travel at a moderate intensity.
  • Taking your pooch on regular walks helps to improve their social development. As well as meeting other dogs they can appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of their environment.
  • Dog walking can help owners practice mindfulness. Taking in the surrounding environment whilst enjoying the peace can help reduce levels of stress.

Please be aware of additional care requirements during the summer months.

A cluttered home has been linked to increased stress hormones. So take some time to de-clutter. Not only will it be relaxing to see the end results, you’ll know exactly where everything is, saving you time in the long run.

  • Kids Toys: Those items that haven’t been played with for 6 months; consider re-homing them at your local charity store, nursery, or hospital’s children’s ward.
  • Old Clothes: Rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it for 6 months, it goes! Be ruthless. Create a bundle and get it sold on Preloved. Selling the things you don’t wear could give you the money to buy new things that you will wear!
  • Kitchen Cupboards: Discard out of date condiments and chipped mugs, and tidy those drawers that collect junk and the ill-fitting utensils.
  • Garden: June and July are key months when it comes to fending off the weeds, as well as deadheading the early blooms, such as roses and rhododendrons. And you could always make a start on planting those bulbs due to flower in the autumn.

By a lucky co-incidence, most films last around the same length of time as a football match. So if you have a second T.V. in your home, or the house to yourself while the footy fans are watching the match elsewhere, grab a brew, sit back, and put your feet up. Here’s a few that last approximately 105 minutes.

  • The Usual Suspects
  • The Girl On The Train
  • Sleepless In Seattle
  • Ghostbusters (1984)
  • The Incredibles

Starting a quick craft project can easily get you away from the football for an hour or two.

  • If you have an underutilised space in your home, consider purchasing some chalkboard paint to create a handy notice board, making it nice and easy to jot down when you need more milk – or start a countdown for when the World Cup ends!
  • Decorate a photo frame to make it nice and personal. If you have a glue gun, get sticking (carefully!). It might be sea shells, it might be a tile mosaic – just make it your own.
  • From cooking sauces, to instant coffee, chances are you get through a few glass jars each month. Take a look at our Gifts In A Jar blog to get you started with a new craft project.

While those 22 men are running around the pitch, you too could be working out.

Don’t worry, you don’t always have to be lycra clad to burn a few calories. Here’s a few alternatives to spin class that can get your heart pumping and muscles working.

  • Washing The Car or Cleaning Windows = 450 – 600 calories burnt per hour
  • Horse Riding in Working Trot = 500 – 700 calories
  • Swimming = 750 – 1,200 calories
  • Tennis = 900 – 1,300 calories

But if football is your thing, check out what’s available on Preloved today



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