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7 Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

7 Simple Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

With so many people staying at home in confined spaces due to the coronavirus, you may find yourself thinking about how to improve your home environment. If you’re looking for interior design ideas for your small living room, home office or bedroom, we’ve got some good news. Spending 24/7 in restricted spaces during lockdown may bring you concerns about how you might cope with the space you have available for more time to come. These worries can soon be laid to rest because we’ve got seven brilliant interior design ideas for small spaces.

We’re confident that at least one of the ideas below will help you make the most of the room you have available. So, pick up your pen and notepad to start planning how you’ll design your very own small space whilst staying at home.

Choose your colour scheme carefully

If you currently have predominantly dark colours in your small living space, then painting the walls and re-painting or replacing bits of furniture could make a world of difference. Choose soft pastel shades, or light, neutral colours such as magnolia, cream or light greys as your base for the walls and add small splashes of brighter complimentary colours here and there – for example, vibrant turquoise cushions with matching rug and curtains. Our mood is a reflection of our environment so make it fun and bright rather than dark and gloomy!

light and bright room

Let in as much light as possible

Let there be light! Natural light is brilliant for creating the illusion of additional space. The more light you allow into your small room from the windows, the bigger it will feel. Magic! It’s also important to get as much light as possible at the moment since we are restricted when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.

small spaces light room

In small spaces, keep large items to a minimum

Installing large items of furniture is a sure-fire way to make any room feel smaller. With this in mind, try to keep big pieces of furniture and other large objects to an absolute minimum in your living space. And, if you have to keep some in there, make sure they are placed towards the walls and corners to prevent clogging up central room space.


Add plenty of mirrors

Mirrors are magic. No, really. If you add strategically placed mirrors to a small room, it will instantly feel much bigger. The effect can be transformative and has the added bonus of reflecting that natural light we talked about earlier, creating the illusion of more space.

mirrors in small spaces


Ugh – clutter. It’s a great way to make you feel depressed, and to make small rooms feel extremely claustrophobic. Having a clear-out can seem like an overwhelming chore, but it’s one that will really pay off and make you feel so much better. And, let’s face it, we really do have enough time on our hands now to stay at home and get it done. But it needn’t be boring and tedious – get creative with your decluttering, and try making it into a game with other members of the family.

And, of course, you will need to keep it up and ensure that clutter is kept to an absolutely minimum once the room has been designed and decorated, so that your interior design efforts can be fully appreciated for years to come.


Install sensible storage

Storage plays a key role in smaller spaces – if you choose the wrong kind of storage, you’ll be left with even less room. Instead, look for smart storage options that either fill vertical spaces (see next tip), or which are built into furniture such as your sofa or bed. Then, make sure you use that storage to place all of the clutter you would otherwise leave out on top of surfaces, or on the floor.

storage in small spaces

Make use of vertical space

It’s easy to forget that you have more space than the floor to play with in a smaller room. This is why the walls can be great options during the design process. Look for storage units that don’t touch the floor in any way and instead make use of the walls as places where you can store stuff and hang decorative items.

vertical storage

Small spaces shouldn’t ever restrict your design aspirations, or equally make you feel trapped during the worldwide lockdown. Use our tips above, and you’ll create an interior design that delivers more space, while still feeling homely. You’ll never look back!

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