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On Trend | How to Grow Peonies

The Peony flower has been popping up all over the blogosphere and Instagram for the past few months. Their popularity can only be explained by the pure glamour and intense colour the flower gives to your garden and home.

The peony is a perennial plant, which has been known to live for 100 years! As long as they are planted properly, it takes little maintenance to keep these blooms thriving.

When should I plant my peonies?

The best time to plant your peonies is Autumn, between October and November.

What’s the best way to plant peonies?

Peonies should be planted in moist soil that drains well, but not too deep. 3-5cm below the soil surface should do the trick. Herbaceous peonies are fine in a pot for a few years but you’ll find that their roots will outgrow it fairly quickly.

Where is the best place for my peonies to grow?

To ensure your peonies get the best chance of a long life, location in your garden is really important. They dislike any disturbance, so consider an area where it won’t have to compete against other tree shrubs, or even strong winds. You will find that the sunnier the spot, the better they bloom.

When can I de-bud my peonies?

If you prefer fewer, bigger flowers, you can begin to de-bud the side shoots after around 6 months, preferably around March/April.

When is the best time to cut my peony plants back?

It’s easy to be tempted to start cutting some of your peonies free after the first year, and this is a great time to do a few, but leave the bigger amount for after 2, or even 3 years.

How do I care for peonies after they’ve been cut from the plant?

Peonies absorb a lot of water through their whole petal surface, soaking them over night can prolong their life by a week. When they are placed in a vase, it is essential to top up the water every day for the first 3-4 days.

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These bareroot peonies come in a variety of different colours from pink with a cream centre to a gorgeous red.

The big and beautiful blossoms of the peony range from whites and light pinks to deep shades of pink and red that have inspired current seasonal make up trends for brands such as Burt’s Bees and Essie.

The peony is a stunning flower that really pleases the eye but also has a distinctive sweet scent that’s used in high end perfumes such as Elizabeth Arden’s ‘Pretty’.

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