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13 Ways to Save Energy at Home

The Big Energy Saving Week is a national campaign backed by Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Their aim is to raise awareness and help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to ultimately make homes more energy efficient.

The initiative started on the 31st October and has a three-step approach to help people reduce the cost of their fuel bills: check, switch and save.


Image Credit: Citizens Advice


Check how to save money on your bills by ensuring you are not overpaying. You should also check if there is a better way to pay your bills such as direct debit as well as finding out that you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to.


Switch your provider or tariff if you find a better deal; many people stay with their provider out of habit or to avoid a perceived hassle. You have the right to leave in order to get the best for your money – read through your Terms and Conditions first!


Save money and energy by applying small changes in your household. According the Citizens Advice, 33% of heat is lost through the walls of our home, and 26% through the roof! Invest in insulation as it slows down the rate at which your home loses heat, thus reducing the overall cost of heating the house. You should also look into installing double glazing and insulating the cavity walls.


Energy Saving Tricks

  • Air dry the clothes and dishes.
  • Fully load the washing machine and select a lower temperature when possible.
  • Unplug unused appliances – don’t leave the phone charging over long periods of time, it’s unnecessary.
  • Choose to shower instead of taking a bath.
  • Consider investing in solar panels.
  • Turn lights off and close doors in unused rooms.
  • Close the curtains to keep the heat in or out.
  • Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • Only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle.
  • Shut off computers completely instead of leaving them on standby.
  • Defrost fridge and freezer more often than you think.
  • Keep lids on pots when cooking to avoid losing heat.
  • Consider installing a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the home.

You can find more information on the Big Energy Saving Week by visiting the Citizens Advice website. Leave us a comment telling us what changes you have made to save energy! Or email us as

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert