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Meet A Business Member | Breederscan

Trudy Talbot lives in Coventry and has been a Preloved member since 2009. Once a dog breeder, Trudy has now moved on to do ultrasound scanning for dogs and cats. We caught up with Trudy to find out a little bit more about her business Breederscan, and how Preloved has helped it grow.

Have you always been a dog lover? 

I have loved dogs all my life! I started off by owning Staffordshire bullterriers (a long time before they were popular!) and then moving on to bullmastiffs 15 years ago.  I show my bullmastiffs as a hobby and I use to breed the odd litter but, as you have to dedicate a lot of time to a litter in order to rear them properly, I have not had the time recently because of business being so busy.

How long have you been a Preloved member for? 

I originally joined Preloved in 2009 to sell some household goods that I wanted to get rid of, but soon became hooked and over the years I have bought many items from other sellers.

How did you get into your sonography business? 

When I was breeding my bullmastiffs I really struggled to firstly get my bitch pregnant and secondly get a decent ultrasound scan done on her to see if she was pregnant. After much research I found a course on canine cervical cytology which can tell you when a bitch is about to ovulate and therefore the best time to mate her in order to get her pregnant.  I also decided to buy my own ultrasound scanner and completed a sonography training course.

Over the next few years I used my new found skills on my own bitches with great success and word soon got round my friends who started to ask if I could swab and scan their bitches for them.  The demand for my services grew and grew until I finally decided to turn it in to a business – BREEDERSCAN.  I joined my local Women into Business Scheme who gave me a business mentor and helped me to set up and start running. They advised me to find a good site to advertise my business on and after thoroughly researching the internet I decided to stay with Preloved and uprade my membership to a business membership.

How has using Preloved helped your business? 

Since advertising on Preloved my business has grown and grown and I have recently had the most profitable week since I started trading, and as I only advertise with Preloved – well it speaks for itself! I would recommend Preloved to anyone who has a business or service to promote and is looking for  an economical and effective source of advertising.

To find out more about what a business membership can offer you, click here.

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