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5 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on the 31st March and if you’re like us, you’ll want to show your Mum how appreciated she is with a thoughtful gift. The only problem is, what can you buy that makes her feel special, shows how much you love her but doesn’t break the bank. Well we’ve rounded up 4 of the best homemade gift ideas that are sure to make her smile this Mother’s Day!

Caramel Coffee Candle

We all know that Mums love candles, but why not make your own this year? Using a coffee mug is not only a great upcycle idea, but you can personalise the scent and style!

candle mug

Image: TrendHunter

What you’ll need:


A coffee cup

Soy wax flakes

Coffee and caramel fragrance oil

Candle wick


  1. Start by placing a small amount of adhesive to the bottom of your wick and placing it in the centre of your coffee cup. Hold for a few seconds and set aside.
  2. Completely fill your tea cup with soy wax flakes and then place them into a bowl. Repeat this again.
  3. Add your soy wax flakes to a bowl over a boiling pan of water. Stir occasionally until it melts. Then, using a thermometer, heat the wax until it reaches 71C.
  4. Remove from heat and add in 10 to 15 drops of your scent and stir. You can also add a coloured dye for that caramel touch!
  5. Carefully fill the tea cup with the wax and let it harden at room temperature.

You could also use antique tea cups to add more elegance, depending on your Mother’s style.

Picture Frame Mason Jar

This is an easy but impressive twist on a classic Mother’s Day gift, a picture of a loved one and flowers

picture flower vase

Image: HomeStoriesAtOz

What you’ll need:


Clean mason jar

Paint brush

Masking tape

Acrylic paint

Your chosen picture

  1. To create your picture frame window on your jar, stick a square of masking tape on the area that you don’t want painted.
  2. Paint the outside of the jar and immediately remove the tape, do not wait until it has dried.
  3. When the paint has dried, stick the photo on the inside of the jar using a strip of tape sticky side up.
  4. If using the jar as a flower vase, place a plastic cup filled with water inside the jar to avoid damaging the photo.

Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub

Our Mums are always working hard, so why not treat her with a yummy coffee scrub which not only smells amazing, but invigorates the skin with caffeine helping to smooth, soften and tone.

coffee sugar scrub

What you’ll need:


A clean jar

30g brown sugar

50g of coconut oil melted

70g coffee (used grounds work too)

  1. Put the sugar and coffee in a bowl, add the oil .
  2. Mix until combined and sticky.
  3. Add your mixture to a jar and decorate accordingly.

Coke Bottle Flower Vase

This great idea is thanks to one of our Preloved members who has upcycled glass Coke bottles into lovely flower vases and decorations. We think this is a wonderful gift idea, you could even decorate with your Mother’s name and create a trio of vases in different colours.

coke flower vase

What you’ll need:

A glass Coke bottle

Chalk paint and paint brush



  1. Paint the coke bottle with at least 4 layers, allowing paint to dry completely between coats.
  2. Decorate with twine using glue to secure if necessary.
  3. Place and arrange flowers.

Homemade Tea Blends

If you’re in need of a quick extra gift, we have the perfect idea! Using an old decorated glass jar, make your own delicious tea blend by mixing different dried flavours.

tea leaves

A few tea blends to try:

Green Tea, Ginger, Coconut.

Black Tea, Cinnamon, Orange.

Black Tea, Rose hip, Lemon.

Note: If adding ginger, lemon or orange you can dry the peels the day before by placing on a baking sheet to dry out overnight.


Alice Turner

Alice Turner

Writer and expert