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Colour Pop: 16 Ways to Add Brass to Your Home

Adding a pop of colour to a room can get out of hand, especially if you really, REALLY like that colour. No, there’s nothing wrong with having a room decorated in different shades of mint green, but if you want to draw your eyes to a particular mint green item, it will get lost if the wall, carpet and sofas are of varying tones of mint green. We’ll stop saying mint green now. Today we’re concentrating on different ways of adding brass (or gold) to your home; some may surprise you, but we love every single idea.


1. Add gold to parts of furniture. This chest of drawers has the top and its legs covered with gold paint, and the handles have also been chosen in gold.

Detail 1. eframe

Image Credit: eFrame

2. We love this sideboard. The dark wood looks amazing when contrasting with the gold geometric shape. There are stencils and tapes you can source to get the same effect.

Detail 2. depositodrops.

Image Credit: Deposito Drops

3. You can match all the taps in the bathroom and make them brass. The light has also been chosen in that colour.

Detail 3. Design Soda

Image Credit: Design Soda

4. Maybe you just choose the bed.

Detail 4. Homedit

Image Credit: Homedit

5. Or the bedside lamp.

Detail 5. Mad About the House

Image Credit: Mad About the House

6. Or the drinks cart. The ice cooler is in the shape of a pineapple! And there are golden accents on the accessories, such as the shaker, the measuring cups and the tops of the glasses.

Detail 6. Layer Home trolley

Image Credit: Layer Home

7. Choose a wall and dress it with brass-coloured pots.

Detail 7. Pinterest10

Image Credit: Pinterest

8. Frames are also a subtle way to add golden tones to a room.

Detail 8. rowespurlingpaintcompany

Image Credit: Rowe Spurling Paint Company


1. If, however, you are looking to make a statement, find bigger pieces of furniture that will have an impact on the room. Check this wardrobe out!

Statement 1. Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. If you are lucky enough to have a room to entertain, consider this drinks bar!

Statement 2. Pinterest2 Relja Ivanic

Image Credit: Relja Ivanic via Pinterest

3. Or use the wallpaper to add the golden tones you are after.

The Pink House, Edinburgh

Image Credit: The Pink House

4. If you need some tables or stools, a felled tree sounds just like the ideal thing!


Statement 4. Shelterness

Image Credit: Shelterness

5. Note the golden hinges in the kitchen, with go with the kitchen wall.

Statement 5. Sustainable Kitchens

Image Credit: Sustainable Kitchens

6. For a bit of a quieter statement, lower the gold to underneath eye level.

Statement 6. Pinterest12

Image Credit: Pinterest

7. And if you have cracks in the wall? No problem! Show them love with gold.

Statement 7. Yatzer2

Image Credit: Yatzer

8. Somehow, this wall in the bathroom feels like it should be a tad OTT, but it works! Perhaps because the floor and the bath are dark.

Statement 8. Th Style Files

Image Credit: The Style Files

Have you added any golden or brassy tones to your home? Share them with us! Tweet us, or tag us on Instagram. We will regram our faves! 

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert