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Colour Pop: 16 Ways to Add Grey to Your Home

We have discovered a whole new palette with the different hues of grey; some have more of a blue tint to it, others have more of a green or yellow undertone. And it is the hue that can make all the difference to a room; you can even combine different shades of grey and the room will not look bland.


Why not simply paint specific aspects of the home, such as door frames, windows or beams?

Detail 1 - decouvrirdesign

Image Credit: Decouvrir Design

Or just make the soft furnishings be grey

Detail 2 - Pinterest 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

you paint a portion of the wall grey. In this case, they’ve gone below eye level, so it’s not as eye-catching. The contrast is softened by the wallpaper which has a white background and a light grey print.


Detail 3 - Pinterest 9

Image Credit: Pinterest

Garden furniture also works well as they tend to be designed in such a way that lets the garden flow through and around it.

Pinterest 12

Image Credit: Pinterest

And by painting the body of a chest of drawers you take away the intensity that would be having a piece of furniture completely grey.


Image Credit: Naptime Decorator

And adding small items such as a lamp also brings the room together.

House and Home

Image Credit: House and Home

And if you decide to buy a bigger item of furniture, such as a sofa, sprinkle it with some colour in the form of cushions and throws.

Detail 4 - Pinterest 13

Image Credit: Pinterest

Or use the carpet! We love the use of this runner for the stairs.

Detail 8 - Pinterest 14

Image Credit: Pinterest


This kitchen looks amazing with an ink-coloured grey.

Statement 1 - American Kitchen Designs

Image Credit: American Kitchen Designs

A similarly grey kitchen, but without the top cupboards lessens the intensity of the colour, and doesn’t overpower it.

Statement 2 - The Kitchn

Image Credit: The Kitchn

By making the shelved the same colour as the wall it simultaneously makes the contents on the shelves stand out as well as the shelves themselves.

Statement 7 - Pinterest 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

Why not use art as a headboard?

Statement 4 - vosgesparis

Image Credit: Vosges Paris

Or repurpose some floorboards.

Statement 5 - Harper Bazaar

Image Credit: Harper Bazaat

Or simply paint the wall different shades of grey.

Statement 6 - hemtrender

Image Credit: Hemtrender

Add some grey to the bathroom with subway tiles.

Statement 8 - Interior Therapy via Pinterest

Image Credit: Interior Therapy via Pinterest

And finally, simply place an item of furniture next to a contrasting colour!

Inside Out

Image Credit: Inside Out

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert