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10 Tips for a Cosy Living Room on a Budget

Your living room should be a place where you and the whole family can get cosy and enjoy some quality time relaxing, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out our top 10 tips for a cosy living room on a budget!

  1. Consider what you already have

    If you’re feeling tired of the look and feel of your living room, a quick and simple way of giving it a complete refresh is simply by rearranging what you currently have. You can completely recreate your living room on a small budget simply by reusing the furniture you have, revamping pieces you already have and having a clear out of clutter you no longer what.

    Before you start looking for new furniture, look around the room, consider the pieces you have that just need a lick of paint, reupholstering or even just a good clean. If you don’t need it or want it anymore, why not list it on Preloved and use the money to get something new?

  2. Use paints instead of wallpaper

    Save money on expensive wallpaper by adding a pop of colour to the room using paints. If you’re looking to make things a little more colourful or patterned, why not use a stencil for a quick and easy design or do a feature wall to save money?

    painted wall cosy living room on a budget

  3. Buy furniture second-hand

    To save money in the long run, it is better to invest in higher quality furniture that is going to last longer. To save some pennies, why not have a look for some Preloved quality pieces that can not only save the stress of flat packs but bring some second-hand joy into your living room!

  4. Spend where you need

    An easy way to save money on the room as a whole but maintain a cosy feel is to spend as little as possible, where possible, but invest in more quality pieces to elevate the feel of the room as a whole.

    For example, save money on a second-hand sofa but invest in some nice quality cushions and throws to add some quality textures.

    Or, why not splurge on a small feature wall of designer wallpaper, but save overall by using paint for the rest of the room?

  5. Add plants

    Plants are a quick and cheap way to make a room feel more airy and comfortable. Consider adding some succulents to purify the air and add earthy tones and textures. Check out our guide to houseplants for some inspiration for what you could add.

    plants cosy living room on a budget

  6. Accessories

    A great way to bring a living room to life is great accessories, plus there’s no need for them to break the bank! Vintage and antique books can be a great way of adding to the room and, if you don’t have any knocking around, it’s super easy to pick them up on Preloved or in charity shops.

    Don’t forget to bring yours and your family’s personality into the design, personal touches and memories will make the room feel more special and, in turn, more cosy.

  7. Upcycle

    Here at Preloved, we love a bit of upcycling! Plus, it’s a great way of giving a second life to a piece of furniture that is looking a little old and tired without breaking the bank.

    Check out our upcycling guides, or head over to our #PrelovedHour on Twitter to check out what the Preloved community has created to get inspired!

    upcycling cosy living room on a budget

    Upcycled creation from @maisieshouse

  8. Lighting

    Lighting is a quick and easy way of making a room feel cosier and put together. Keep your budget to a minimum by switching out your lampshades instead of buying a whole new lamp. Or, why not upcycle your old lamp by giving it a lick of paint?

    If you don’t have anything around that inspires you, why not have a look at some second-hand or even antique lights to bring some character into the room? Mismatching lights are a great way of layering light in a room and giving it a cosy vibe, plus you can use candles to add another layer of light and make the room feel even warmer!

  9. Fabrics

    There are so many ways you can achieve a cosier living room on a budget using fabrics, they’re a great way to add colour, texture and style.

    Wall hangings can add a great focal point in a room and instantly add warmth to the room and colourful throw cushions are a great way of making your sofa cosier and bringing a splash of colour into the room. Plus, you can just add a new cover to an old cushion and save buying something new.

    Layering rugs and throws bring a lot of warmth into a room, plus having lots of layers makes it even better to snuggle up and get cosy on the sofa together and watch a movie! You can save some pennies here to by mixing higher budget items with cheaper or second-hand ones to bring down the cost without having to sacrifice on style.

    However, fabrics don’t need to break the bank! Wall hangings, curtains, throws and rugs can all easily be picked up second-hand. Also, don’t forget, the cost of dry cleaning something that needs a little love is still less than buy something brand new.

  10. Pictures and photos

    Your living room is often the place where the family come together to spend some quality time, so make it feel cosier by making your family part of the room! Photos and memories on the walls bring the room to life and create a sense of homeliness and are a simple way of creating a cosy, welcoming vibe in your living room.

We hope our top 10 tips for a cosy living room on a budget have been helpful and we’d love to see if you have a go! If you do, let us know and tag us on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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