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Find the Ideal Gift on Preloved this Christmas – The Stigma of Second Hand

We have discussed previously how a word can be very harming. To many, the term “second hand” often is tainted with images of something being broken, dirty or frumpy; but while that may be true in some cases, in many situations it just isn’t so. It might have been an impulse buy, a repeated birthday gift you were too polite to decline, an awkward Secret Santa. The truth is there is a large portion of second hand goods that still have the tag on.

For example, a friend of mine wanted to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He called me and another friend separately, describing a couple of rings he had seen. We both had the same conversation with him: one was quite dainty and had small diamonds in it, but the other had one main rock. When asked which one he liked the best, he admitted he preferred the daintier one. He then clarified that one was second hand, from the 1960s. I jumped on that and exclaimed that it was vintage; whereas our friend, who likes “new stuff”, recoiled in disgust and exclaimed: I would not want a second hand ring. When I asked why, as vintage rings can be very pretty, she then said: had he said vintage I would have gone for that.

Why? What is wrong with something being second hand? For all we know, the ring might have belonged to an old lady who had an incredibly happy marriage with her husband. The bride-to-be loves the ring, and knowing it has a history is all the more exciting to her. Or it may have been a promise ring from someone who unfortunately didn’t make it back.

We want to show that second hand is also worthy of being in the Christmas Present category, so here is a selection of items we have found on Preloved, old and new, which might just be exactly what you are looking for.


Household items can come in handy for people who have recently got married, moved in together or moved to university. There are rugs from Next, upcycled garden furniture by Project Up and an array of appliances from juicers to bread makers.

Household Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


For the children (and adults too, let’s be honest), you can find an array of Lego and building blocks. There are even collector’s Barbie dolls. The term “collector” makes it okay for adult women to own them, okay? There are also bicycles and skates for the more outdoorsy.

toys Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


Musicians are also in for a treat. How about this record player or guitar to whet their appetite?

music Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


If a baby is on the way, ask parents what they need. Baby grows are cute, but they might be on the market for practical items too. Such as a pram travel set, sleep support or Moses basket.


Items for sale on Preloved


If your friend or sibling has moved into a new house, ask if there is anything in particular they need, you could chip in with other friends or family members. Some families agree on giving one big present to each family members, perhaps a sideboard for the kitchen is exactly what they need? Or a grandfather clock in the living room.

furniture Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved

Art & ornaments

If art and ornaments are their thing, there is some Lladró on site as well as some original paintings such as this one from Hal Ludlow from 1896 created for the The Sketch.

Art Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


For those who know their stuff in terms of cameras, there are Polaroids, Single Lense Reflex Contarex and projectors. Or, if you want bring them into the digital age, you will also find cameras from Sony, Canon and Nikon.


Items for sale on Preloved

Clothes & accessories

There’s a plethora of goodies in this category as well! Such as a Fossil watch, belts or some Prada sunglasses. If you really want to push the boat out, you can find a Louis Vuitton bag for a fraction of its price.

clothes preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


Preloved is notorious for being a hub for budding hobbyists. As such, you can find anything from golf equipment, to sewing machines, telescopes and drones. There is also an extensive fishing section.

hobby Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved


There is a treasure trove for the lover of vintage and antiques. There are loads of trinkets and staple pieces to add to the home. The tea set is extremely elegant, and you will find sewing machines which you can either use or have as a decoration.

vintage Preloved

Items for sale on Preloved

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? What do you think about second hand gifts? Leave us a comment below!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert