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Handmade and Free Father’s Day Ideas!

Father’s day has crept up on us once again and this year it falls on Sunday 20th June. With so many pre-made Father’s Day gifts to buy, you’re almost spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a present for your dad this year! But what’s better than a handmade present from their favourite child? No matter how young or old you or your father is, there’s always something particularly special about making something from scratch for any loved one. So here are the Preloved top picks for affordable and free Father’s Day gift ideas!

Affordable and Free Father’s Day Inspiration

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  • Salt Dough Delights!

Making salt dough is really simple. Most salt dough recipes contain: 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour and half a cup of water. Simply mix these together until you create a thick dough, which can be manipulated in to a whole range of exciting presents for Father’s Day.

You can make key rings with your finger prints on, or get creative by making a heart print plaque from your feet. Just pop your design on to the Salt Dough Clay and either let it air dry for roughly 5 days or bake in the oven (dependant on thickness) at around 200F from 10 minutes, up to an hour. Once the clay is dry you can paint it however you like!

  • Creative Cards

Just browsing Pinterest for a few minutes can provide you with so much inspiration for free Father’s Day cards.  For a more colourful take on the foot print heart plaques in the salt dough DIY’s, why not get splodging in some paint, to create a completely handmade design. You could also collect your dad’s favourite chocolate bars and make an amazing poem (like this one here) which incorporates a lovely poem or sentiment for your dad to enjoy not only on Father’s Day, but for days afterwards too!

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  • Man Box!

Whether your dad likes the scent of high end beauty products or sticks to his tried and tested basics, you can grab an old box, jazz it up with some glitter and glue, then pack it full of his bathroom essentials. You can either go thrifty and head to the local discount store, or even have a consultation with a beauty counter to find the best things for your dad to indulge in.  You know your dad better than anyone so this one will be a personalised and extremely useful option!

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Liv Serrage

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