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Inspiration: 10 Alternative Wedding Dresses

More and more brides-to-be are turning away from the white dress. Looking back at the history of the wedding dress, it is not only because of purity that brides wore this colour, but as an indication of wealth. It may be shocking to learn that wearing white only became popular when Queen Victoria married in this colour in 1840. While she wasn’t the first royal to marry in white, she definitely popularised it. Before then, and if you could not afford it thereafter, brides married in their best dress, not necessarily a white one. They would wear rich colours, with lace or fur, to show their status in society. They also wore the dress again, altering it to fit the body and the fashion of the time; a trend that has been mostly lost, with many dresses being kept untouched for decades and only taken out and altered when women in the family get married.

Nowadays, while wearing a colour other than white for your wedding is not frowned upon, it is seen as unconventional and associated with an edgy bride. However, during WWII, a lot of women borrowed or hired their dress; some even made them out of curtain fabric. In the 1950s, dresses started to get shorter, mid-calf was particularly popular. So, with the history of wedding dresses in mind, here at Preloved we want to show that non-white dresses are just as fabulous, elegant and whimsical as white ones. To be honest, we think the tag “wedding” automatically makes a dress more expensive, and so these are definitely worthy contenders. And boy, are we inspired!

1. Following the idea of bold colours, we just love this orange. It looks amazing on the bride, who has combined it with a suitable lipstick and nude/taupe shoes. The groom’s burned orange suspenders finish the look off perfectly.


2. This vintage emerald green dress is simply beautiful; the top lace, the simple makeup and the elegant up-do make this bride look very sophisticated. The final touch of dark nails is ideal.


3. Speaking of green, this embroidered dress reminds us of the 1920s. We can just picture some beautiful peacocks wandering around the grounds as well, setting off the sparkles of the dress.


4. This bride opted for comfy shoes, which makes the dress look all the more country-like. The bouquet and wine-coloured suit contrast perfectly with the flower motifs on the dress.


5. These brides look amazing with their off-white suit and skirt and their sparkly tops. It works extremely well, and just look at that hair!


6. Floral dresses also look great, and this strapless one has a beautiful pattern.

67. This other floral one is gathered at the front, which shows a cream-coloured undergarment. This is a very intelligent design decision as it shows the right amount of simplicity to not make the dress look too busy.


8. This dress is reminiscent from the 1950s. The peep-toe shoes, the shawl and the hat all look the part. The groom also complements the bride to perfection with a light-coloured suit and a shirt that is barely a shade darker than the dress.


9. Perhaps a colour that most resembles the traditional wedding dress, this bride opted for a simple dress that is calf-length and looks warmer thanks to the gold shoes and diadem. The groom’s grey checkered blazer goes well with the grey undertone of the dress.


10. Who said the bride couldn’t wear black? This couple seem to have reversed the stereotype, giving the groom an off-white blazer and white shirt, while the bride rocks a dark chocolate-almost-black strapless dress with neutral and taupe frills and underskirts.


All images are taken from Pinterest

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert