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Second Hand September!

As September begins, we start to say good bye to summer and hello to the autumn months! The ‘Back to School’ itch brings with it the desire to cram our closets full of new styles and cosy knits.

Can you kick that habit, and commit to a month of not buying new clothes? That’s what Oxfam, are asking with a new initiative: Second Hand September.

They’re not saying don’t shop at all, but to start smart shopping, choosing second-hand and preloved styles instead of brand new, just in store. Not only is this helping the environment, reducing landfill and water consumption, but it’s extra purse friendly too.

Designers Are Joining In

Don’t worry about buying second-hand cramping your fashion, top designers are joining the preloved revolution too. Designer Jonathan Anderson echoed Oxfam’s sentiment, adding chain-link chokers, door-knocker brooches, and trompe l’oeil marabou to ‘trousers based on early Oxford-bags from the 1920s,’ he explained.  So, if you’re looking for inspiration to kickstart your new wardrobe you can look to the catwalks or any fashion magazine! It’s a question of style, not season.

The resale market is growing (it’s grown 9.2% in two years), so it’s getting easier for us to shop smart, and sustainably, shifting towards a circular economy built on resale and recycling – without compromising on style.

Global Impact

This is such an important issue for the global population with the fast fashion industry still being a major pollutant. Every week the UK alone sends 11 million items of clothing to landfill- it’s time to STOP. But it’s not just clothes that are the issue, every year 45.4 million tonnes of waste are dumped at landfill sites each year, with 1.6 million tonnes of this being bulky waste such as furniture.

Instead of taking your unwanted furniture to the tip, think, could someone else love this instead? Even if you think it’s beyond salvation, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure! Preloved is perfect for listing your unused and unwanted items, and it’s totally free to sell with us! So what are you waiting for? Clear out your clutter today.

Preloved’s Impact


As a platform, we always want to do what we can to help and support Oxfam. That’s why we offer a charity membership to ensure all money raised by Oxfam from the sale of items on Preloved goes straight back into the charity. Preloved has helped raise over £35,000 for Oxfam, this provides clean water for 35k people or 1.4k goats.



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