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Preloved Advent Day 12: Swap’n’Shop with Action for Children

#PrelovedAdvent is all about us giving back to you guys for being so great throughout the year, but we also want to give you guys the chance to give back too. Why not take part in Action for Children’s Swap’n’Shop and reduce waste after Christmas, and raise money for a great charity?

By running a Swap’n’Shop, you’ll have the chance to clear your cupboards, whilst doing something amazing for children across the UK.

Why get Swap’n’Shopping?

The money you raise goes to a great charity, helping to make a real difference to children up and down the UK. Plus, it’s a great way to make this Christmas more sustainable by reducing waste going to landfill.


What to sell?

Anything and everything! As long as it’s in good condition, you can add it to your sale. Books and clothes are always popular, as are old yous and homeware. Get raiding your cupboards and you’ll be surprised at what you find!

How to get selling

Before you do anything, check in with your local Fundraiser who will be keen to hear and love to help!

Sell online

Why not list your items on Preloved? In January, Preloved will make a donation to AFC for every account upgraded when selling your items.

Not sure how much to charge? Search for similar items online to get a good idea. Keep in mind any postage charges which may apply!

Upload your items. Don’t forget to add pictures and mention the proceeds are going to Action for Children to help disadvantaged children across the UK.

It’s time to advertise. Make sure you tell your friends and family, send everyone at work an email and send links around on social media!

Now it’s a waiting game. Keep an eye on your items in case someone asks a question. Please make sure there’s someone else around if someone asks to view or collect from your home, always be safe!

Transferring Funds to Action for Children

All your hard work has paid off and you’ve raised £££s to help vulnerable children, thank you! Head over to Action for Children’s site to find out how you can donate what you’ve raised, and be sure to fill out the paying-in form when you do!


So, why not get digging and have a clear out in time for Christmas? Give sustainably by reducing waste to landfill and give to a good cause at the same time!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert