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Free Premium Membership for all NHS Personnel

Free Premium Membership for all NHS Personnel

Offer Expires June 11th 2020

NHS Upgrade from Preloved


The relentless hard work, commitment, and dedication of all NHS workers has not gone unnoticed by the entire nation during these difficult and demanding times. We understand that NHS staff are exhausted yet still utterly determined to get their job done, so we want to help out and show our appreciation in the best way we can. We want to say a special thank you to our NHS Community.


Preloved is providing a FREE premium membership for all people working in our NHS. The premium membership is the best power for buyers and sellers on-site and offers a number of benefits…

  • Place an unlimited number of adverts
  • Respond to adverts as soon as they are placed
  • Include as many photos in your adverts as you like
  • Priority placement in listings
  • Embed YouTube videos and add links to your adverts
  • Browse without banner ads


Firstly, if you don’t already have a free Preloved account, please create one using this link. Then…

Send us a message to our team at, including:

  1. Your name on Preloved
  2. The email address you used for your Preloved account
  3. A photo of your NHS ID

And that’s it!

We’ll then upgrade you free of charge for 12 Months! You will receive a confirmation of the upgrade and expiry date. Please know that you don’t have to provide us with any card details and you won’t need to subscribe to anything.

Buy and Sell ’til your heart’s content when its safe to do so and, hopefully, you get some well deserved time to relax and enjoy your special finds from Preloved.

NHS Benefits with Preloved

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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