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National Pet Month: Pet Selfies

To celebrate National Pet Month, we asked some of our members to send in selfies with their beloved pets. We’ll be collecting them throughout the month, and the selfie with the most votes will win an animal-cruelty free beauty bundle! If you’d like to  be in with a chance of winning, you can enter via twitter or instagram by using the hashtag #PrelovedPetSelfie or email to us at!

man and dog selfie

“The impact that Maisie has had on the whole family has been incredible; she has definitely brought us closer together. Also, we’ve found some fantastic new walks meaning we’re getting to see new parts of the countryside.” – Andy, Preloved member

girl and dog

“My Nelly is my baby. Never stop looking after them, no matter how sick they are. you will discover one of the purest forms of love.” – Katerina, Preloved member.

man and woman with cat

“Here’s Diana and Kaspars Kristins enjoying our time with two gorgeous cats – very friendly and attractive animals.” – Diana, Preloved member.

girl and dog

“Penny was our family dog. She liked tennis balls, sneaking onto the sofa when no one was looking and licking youghurt pots clean. She was incredibly gentle and intuitive until the end. Even to this day, every time I visit my parents, for a second, I expect to be greeted by her at the door.” – Natalie, Preloved member.

lady on floor with dog

“I’m a huge dog lover. Here is my mum’s new puppy Bonnie with my son.” – Victoria, Preloved member.

two cute dogs

“These two are my rock. They never judge me, they give me unconditional love, and they are always happy to see me. Life would not be the same without them.” – Jeanette, Preloved member.

man and dogs

“I wish I had a bigger couch” – Tom, Preloved member.

little girl and dog

“Despite only being able to tolerate the most expensive dog food on the market, needing daily arthritis medicine which costs a fortune, puking up water every time he drinks, constantly dropping fur, drool and god knows whatever other bodily fluids around the house, having terrible doggy breath despite us brushing his teeth every day, producing the worst silent deadly trumps, completely ruining two sets of leather sofas, carpets and lawns, always sleeping in our bed whenever we go out and forget to shut the bedroom door… we somehow still love Scooby to bits.” – Chris, Preloved Member.

woman and dog

“In a hectic life full of ups and downs, the love from the dogs in my life have always been constant. This is me and my sister’s springer spaniels Bramble and Holly. I cannot not wait for the day to have hair tumbleweeds, muddy dust, wet socks from water bowl drips, relentless stares, and walks in the rain, in my life once again.” – Justine, Preloved Creative Editor.

lady and cat

“I’ve had and still have many pets in my life, most of them are living with my parents in China – they have 4 dogs and 6 cats. My pets are my family. They are not only the best companions, but they also inspire me so much that I founded a charity to help more animals. Since its establishment in 2013, the charity ( has rescued countless animals and helped many of those rescued animals in China find forever homes locally and internationally, and responsible pet ownership has been one of the core messages of the charity’s re-homing campaigns.

Currently the charity is running a campaign titled ‘Cool to Adopt’ – Give the rescued animals a life worth living! I hope more people would take righteous responsibility of their pets, and choose to adopt, because there are enough animals in shelters, they’re all waiting for the special person in their life and they deserve the love and care a forever home can offer!”  – Grace, Preloved member.

man and dog

“I got a dog called Rollo recently (named after the Viking king). He is coming up to 7 months old and is a black show type cocker spaniel. He is happiest in your arms or out on a walk and generally being under your feet, which is how he got covered in flour… He just wants all of your cuddles. Cuddles.. and socks. Sometimes just socks. If you’re doing laundry, you’ll lose at least 3 socks each time but when he isn’t stealing socks he is stealing hearts and he never fails to brighten my day even after the worst of days and that’s what I love about him the most. Good boy.” – Richard, Preloved member.

lady and dog

“I rescued Mia as her previous owner had sadly died from Cancer. I had no intention of buying a dog, I’d never even owned one before but afte rseeing those bulging eyes on my newsfeed on Facebook I knew I had to act quickly and make her mine. There’s nothing better than getting home from a stressful day in the office to a happy face and wagging tail, I can’t imagine life without her now.” – Amy, Preloved member.


“My pet impacts my life because I have to sleep with one eye open. This cat is evil, through and through” – Terri, Preloved member.

dog and cat

“Meet Vinnie and Millie. Vinnie, my one year old British Bulldog, was rehomed via Preloved!” – Emily & Danny, Preloved Customer Service Team.

woman on beach with dog

“She makes our whole family.” – Amy, Head of Community.

man with dog on knee

“My pet(s) stop/help me work.” – Harry, Preloved member.

lady and dogs

“Here are my shih tzu’s Oscar and Lola. We actually bought Oscar from Preloved nearly 3 years ago, he is such a loveable dog and I couldn’t imagine not having him.” – Victoria, Preloved member

guinea pigs

“My pets are Marley – a 7 year old Doberman, Lucy – 14 year old crossbreed, Melvin – 1 year old Syrian Hamster who was rehomed via Preloved, and 13 rescued guinea pigs – 5 of which were rehomed via Preloved. – Lauren, Preloved Customer Service Team.

cats and girl in box

“They made me one of them! (And I love it…)” – Cristina, Preloved member.


“After having smudge for 9 years, I don’t know what I would have done without him. RIP little one.” – Shannon, Preloved member.

lady with gecko on head

“Meet rainbow. He’s a one year old Red Panther Chameleon that I rehomed via Preloved.” – Holly, Preloved Customer Service team.

dog with hat on

“If you’re ever in need of a doggy model, my little girl is always happy to oblige.” – Richard, Preloved member.

girl and dog

“We rescued Rusty 9 years ago and he’s gone from an absolute nightmare on the lead and beign scared of everything to a happy, confident and loving dog. He is my best mate and I think the love between us id pretty clear!” – Sophie, Preloved member.

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Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

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