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Preloved Android App Launch! #PrelovedOnTheGo

Back in May 2015, we took an important step in the our exciting future of new tech development when we released our first in-house built marketplace app on iOS. Now, after some hard working months, the Preloved Android App is finally here, meaning all of you lovely Android users out there can now bargain hunt, sell treasures and mix with your local community easier then ever before – all whilst on the go!

Wing Chan, the Managing Director of Preloved said: “We’ve seen over 100,000 downloads of the iOS app in the first six months. After its success, we’re now extremely excited to bring the Preloved app to Android.”

Out of the 800,000 adverts on Preloved, 11% of them were created using the iOS app! Most of these adverts are high quality due the users’ immediate access to their phone’s camera, meaning that viewing items on Preloved is now better than ever before, making for faster sales, and an improved browsing experience.

seller android app screenshots

Both the iOS and Android apps allow users to create adverts effortlessly. They provide access to Preloved’s easy-to-use member messaging service, so you can always keep in contact with sellers and potential buyers whilst on the go. With the presence of an accurate in-app locator, you can now view items with ease in your local area, or wherever you may be, meaning you will never have to miss out on that must-have item again.

buyer android app screenshots

Bookmark favourite ads to make sure you are first in line, and take advantage of the access to Preloved’s Featured and Freeloved to make sure you don’t miss out on all the weird and wonderful items Preloved members have to offer…who knows what unsuspecting treasure you might find!

Every year, Preloved receives a massive 120 million visits. Nearly 40% of them have an Android device. The launch of the new app will allow these members to access a mobile-optimised version of the website, which has lots of exciting features to come. The Android app is yet another step the Preloved team have taken to enhance user experience for their members, and to take the site even further into an exciting era of new development.

Get the UK’s most trusted online marketplace at your fingertips, and download thePreloved app on iOS and Android for free today!

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Amy Lockley

Amy Lockley

Writer and expert

Amy is the Head of Community at Preloved. In her spare time, she loves volunteering for a rabbit charity, having crafting weekends and kite boarding in Morecombe which is always combined with a camping adventure! She is always on the hunt for a bargain whether that be at car boots, house clearances or charity shops.