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Why Should Preloved be your First Choice for Second Hand?

Why choose Preloved first for buying and selling secondhand? Good question. Here are five first-rate secondhand reasons.

FREE ADVERTS? Oh, yes, but much more!

Preloved is a brilliant place to flog off those things you no longer need with a FREE ADVERT (after all, we get over five million visitors a month), but it’s more than that – it’s also a community of real people who buy and sell, then swap ideas and help each other out with advice and guidance.

We like to call them Preloved People, and they share a real passion for the older things in life – everyone from retro caravanners, classic car drivers and vintage fashion fans to antique collectors and retro brides on a budget. We also have thousands of members committed to recycling or preventing landfill by giving away items for free or buying things secondhand to re-use or upcycle. Other people just love to haggle and bag a bargain to save some cash and bring down their living costs. What they all have in common is sharing The Joy of Secondhand.

Speedy Sales

For speedy sales, millions of members know that Preloved is second to none. It’s easy to turn clutter into cash fast by following some quick steps:

  • Include good images of your item
  • Write a detailed description
  • Tell buyers about yourself with information and images in your public profile
  • Get the price right by doing a little research to see what’s currently selling

There’s loads more great speed selling tips right here.

Keeping it Local

Want hassle-free buying and selling? Keeping it local means that you can easily go and see what you’re thinking of buying before any cash comes out. It saves any of the complications and hidden costs that can come with bidding or buy now options without seeing the items first.

On Preloved it’s quick and easy to set up searches to find the things in your area that you want, and then get in touch with the seller to see before you buy. Simple.

Most items for sale on Preloved are secondhand – that’s what makes them so cheap! So if you’re after something specific, have a hunt around, meet up with a seller for some good old-fashioned haggling to do the deal and bag a bargain.

Secondhand First

We’re just as passionate as you about secondhand – regularly out and about at car boots and vintage markets, or popping into a charity shop, then drooling over some classic cars or campers at a weekend show. We also think that secondhand is definitely NOT second best. It’s a great way to recycle, get creative and upcycle, reduce landfill, find original items of covetable fashion and designer pieces of furniture, or classic cars and one-off pieces that make you stand out from the crowd…. The list goes on.

A dedicated bunch, we work hard to make Preloved a site that’s a real secondhand hub – a place where enthusiasts can buy, sell, chat, exchange ideas and show-off their latest nearly new finds, like these cool VW campers and fab vintage caravans.

Bigger and Better

So, whether you’re sticking on a FREE advert to shift those things you no longer want, or you’re on the hunt for a real bargain, we just keep getting bigger and better as a place to sell, buy and make brand new secondhand friends. (That’s six reasons! Well, five were never going to be enough.)

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.