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Preloved Member - Restoring a Rocking Horse

Beth has quite the interesting hobby; she restores rocking horses. Today she tells us how this niche interest came about and showcases some of her latest work.

2016-08-16 00:00:45By Beth Pritchard


Inspiration: 13 Gender Neutral Nurseries

Nowadays, more and more couples are turning away from traditional pink and blue to decorate their baby girl or boy’s room. We have found some truly inspiring gender neutral nurseries that we want to share with you today.

2016-08-13 00:00:32By Natalie Reynolds


10 Things to Do with Your Child This Summer

Here are some amazingly creative activities and games with which to play and entertain the little ones this summer.

2016-07-10 15:20:55By Natalie Reynolds

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Reduce the Cost of Raising a Child

The cost of raising a child in the UK is the highest it’s ever been, and it’s only going one way… up! There are plenty of savings to be made on Preloved. Read on to find out more!

2016-05-10 16:22:09By Tina Hidderley

Buying & selling

Second Hand Baby Stuff on Preloved

We celebrate second hand here at Preloved! Find out what second hand toys, clothes, prams and furniture we have that's suitable for your baby or small child.

2015-12-04 14:15:09By Adele Gardner


Halloween Crafts for Kids

Kirstie Adamson from EcoCreate gives the Preloved community simple yet brilliant Halloween kids crafts ideas. Read on to be inspired!

2015-10-31 11:52:51By Kirstie Adamson


Kids Craft Ideas for Autumn

With Autumn half term fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about which activities you’re going to do with the kids whilst they’re at home for a whole week! Read on for Autumn craft inspiration.

2015-10-18 10:59:38By Adele Gardner

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Family Money Saving Tips by Money Saving Expert

The words “family” and “budgeting” might seem like a contraction in terms, but just because you’ve got a sprog or two in tow, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of MoneySaving opportunities out there to ensure you’re not confined to a life of baked bean dinners.

2014-08-09 10:22:30By Amy Ellis

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Alison Cork | How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Your Kids This Summer

Home expert and TV Presenter Alison Cork, from Alison At Home, inspires you to make this summer holiday one your kids will always remember!

2014-07-27 09:55:56By Alison Cork

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Things to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Summer Holidays

School's out for summer! The beginning of the summer holidays is the most exciting time of the year for kids, but what happens once the novelty has worn off? We've put together some ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer.

2014-06-06 15:18:14By Adele Gardner