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10 Expensive Dog Breeds From Around The World

10 Dog Breeds With An Expensive Price Tag

The cost of a dog and how rare it might be is never the best reason to choose that particular breed. Whether it is an expensive dog or not, any four-legged friend can be a wonderful companion, whatever their pedigree or lack of it. However, it’s a definite fact the many owners take great pride in acquiring a purebred pooch that possesses a rich heritage… Even it comes with a hefty price tag.

There are many components that dictate a hound’s value. Paying ‘value for money’ will depend on location, type of breeder, the dog’s lineage, and bloodline. The amount of money listed below for each breed may look excessive, however, there are several influences to take into account.

Animal breeders are common in most countries and their general pricing will vary depending upon: How attractive that breed is in a particular country, the number of breeders, and if puppies are available.

Remember that the initial cost of a dog is not the most important figure. Once you take the dog’s lifetime into account, the original cost to buy the puppy doesn’t run close to the cost of all the other bills.

Here’s our guest writers list of 10 pricey pooches available on the market today.

1. Bulldog

Other Names: English Bulldog, British Bulldog

Origin: United Kingdom

It’s fair to say, English bulldogs are growing in popularity throughout the world and some young pups go for a least of £2,000 to £4,000. They are short, strong, and muscular with deep shoulders, which gives them a low centre of gravity.

When this extraordinary-looking animal manoeuvres around, he does so with more of a waddle than a walk. They look a tad ferocious, but you would be hard-pushed to find a gentler and more affectionate dog. Not as heavy as some dogs, but for their size still substantial.

british bulldog

2. German Shepherd

Other Names: Alsatian (UK), Alsatian wolf dog (UK), Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, Schäferhund

Origin: Germany

Perhaps made famous by the K-9 movies, these intelligent creatures are fairly expensive wherever you care to look. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that they are regarded as the 2nd most prized breed in the US.

They range in cost from £1,000 and up to £2,000. Bigger males can grow between 60-65cm in height, having domed shaped heads and long muzzles. German Shepherds are very obedient, loyal to their family, and have a curious nature.

german shepherd

3. Chow Chow

Other Names: Chow, Chowdren

Origin: China

Broad and stocky. A Chow Chow’s most original features are their blue/black tongues and their almost upright hind legs. Wrinkled faces, with deep eyes and a “lionlike” ruff behind their heads, they are quite an extraordinary image.

The figure they sell for can range from £1,500 to the upper bracket of £2,500 from most respectable bulldog breeders.

expensive dog breed

4. Lowchen

Other Names: Petit Chien Lion, Little Lion Dog

Origin: Germany, France

Lowchen is the German word for lion hound, and not just for their similarities to a lion. We appreciate them to be charismatic and courageous. They have an ample head with large looking eyes combined with thick, fine-textured fur across their bodies.

They are happy, loving, and sweet dogs. The bottom price in most cases starts at £2,000 and some owners pay upwards of £2,500 for a special pedigree.


5. Tibetan Mastiff

Other Names: Dok-Khyi, Tsang-khyi

Origin: China

A large to giant breed. We value these unusual and distinctive looking dogs between £2,000- £4,000.

Some characteristics include a bushy tail, long coat, and a massive head. In 2011 a Tibetan Mastiff by the name of “Big Splash” sold for an astonishing 1.5 million dollars by a Chinese businessman. Making it the most expensive dog ever sold.

most expensive dog breed

6. Rottweiler

Other Names: Rottie, Rott

Origin: Germany

This large and powerful domestic dog breed is used to drive farm cattle. They are a distinguished looking dog, with broad shoulders and a muscular figure, sometimes used as rescue dogs, and blind dogs.

Despite their ferocious reputation, these natural guard dogs are loyal and playful. Their price can vary anywhere between £1,500- £2,500, depending on the quality of the breeder.


7. Samoyed

Other Names: Samoyedskaya, Bjelkier, Samoiedskaya Sobaka, Nenetskaya Laika, Smiley, Sammy

Origin: Russia

This is a medium to large dog, with a foxy face and thick looking coat. They are renowned for their stunning appearance with some people paying a premium price of up to £3,000 making it quite an expensive dog. Price differences will depend on the look, as the coat can range in colour from brilliant white to biscuit brown.

This happy-go-lucky dog is a family-orientated animal, great with children, and loves the outdoors.

expensive dog breed

8. Akita

Other Names: Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita, American Akita

Origin: Japan

A moderate price range starting at £1,200 and can go as high as £2,500 depending on the reputation of the dog breeder. Akitas are large with thick coats and plush tails. We know them to be alert, friendly, responsive, honest, and dignified. Akitas are famous for their talents in performance shows and as therapy dogs.

akita expensive dog

9. Pharaoh Hound

Other Names: Kelb Tal-Fenek (in Country Of Origin), Pharaoh

Origin: Malta

The outstanding physical feature of the Pharaoh Hound is its athletic appearance. They can also blush like humans, the colour of their ears and nose can turn deep rose when they get excited. With an affectionate nature, this breed provides great companionship.

Skilled at hunting, Pharaoh hounds are obedient, strong, and rapid movers. You can pick up one of these beautiful dogs between £1,800 and £2,500.

Pharaoh Hound expensive dog

10. Saluki

Other Names: Gazelle Hound, Persian Greyhound

Origin: Middle East

They are regarded as one of the most ancient breeds, which may go some way to explain their price tag. Valued at around £2,000- £3,000 from the most reputable breeders. These graceful dogs are a reserved breed but devoted to their people.

With their long legs and light limbs, these dogs can run almost anything into the ground.

saluki expensive dog

All the above examples are wonderful dogs, that anyone would be proud to be the loving owner of.  An expensive dog or not, you should never buy a pet based solely on its price tag, and you must think of it as a lifelong commitment. Your fur-ever friend has to be the best fit for your family, chosen with intentions of ethical and responsible pet ownership.

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