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Preloved Bans XL Bully In Response To Legislation

At Preloved, we’re proud to work closely with so many animal welfare organisations, including British Veterinary Association and Pet Advertising Advisory Group. We do this to make sure that our policies put the welfare of animals at the top of our priorities.

This expert advice has led to the removal of certain breeds or species of animals on Preloved. This year we have prohibited listings for raptors, Munchkin and Scottish Fold cats, and blocked seasonal sales such as rabbits during the Easter period.

These decisions have always been made in the interests of welfare, safety, and the animals’ happiness. However, our latest change to Listing Guidelines comes with a heavy heart.

Preloved Bans XL Bully Listings

Later this month it will be illegal to sell, abandon, give away, or breed from, an XL Bully. That’s why our experienced team of Welfare Moderators are currently taking steps to remove the existing adverts on our website, and implementing safeguarding measure behind the scenes that will automatically prevent new listings from being created.

Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected by the spate of recent attacks by ‘XL Bully type dogs’. We understand the government’s need to make changes and we’re delighted to see that action is finally being taken.

However, we don’t believe that a blanket ban is the answer. It seems naïve to think the irresponsible breeders and owners who have created this situation will follow the guidance recently issued by the government. Instead, we stand in support of organisations like Dog Control Coalition who are campaigning for more effective controls.

RSPCA Responds To The New Legislation

“We are part of the Dog Control Coalition and all of us in the sector believe that this ban will not protect the public. Despite this change in law, we will continue to campaign for more effective dog control in the UK, which focuses on prevention and early intervention, regardless of breed



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