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Selling Your Bike? Here’s 5 Ways To Prep It

Selling Your Bike? Here’s 5 Ways To Prep It

If you’re selling your bike and buying a new one, do you know how to go about giving your old ride to a new home? If not, then don’t panic! While there are many ways to sell your bike, some require putting in more work than others. In this article, these 5 techniques are simplified to make you more comfortable with selling your once‐pride‐and‐joy.

Know Your Bike

“Before you list your bike, it’s important to research and learn what type of bike you’re selling,” says Richard Dawson, a bike expert at UK Writings. “Know everything about your bike – the brand, the model, the works, because those are the things that buyers will want to know about. Then, research the average retail price for that particular bike, and then weigh up the servicing costs and whether or not you’ll be able to turn a profit on the bike sale if you do repairs to it.” Speaking of repairs…

bike ride in the sun

Service Your Bike

… be sure that your bike is working and running. That means servicing the bike one last time, to ensure that you’re selling a good‐quality product to people. Depending on the retail price of your bike, you can expect to spend no more than £50 to tune it up and give it a once over, especially if it’s a higher‐end bike. And, there’s nothing wrong with telling buyers that the bike is used because that creates a sense of professionalism when listing it.

Selling Your Bike? Get it serviced

Spray And Clean Your Bike

“When selling your bike, you want it to look presentable,” says Jenna Thompson, a blogger at Best British Essays. “You may want to whip out the WD40, and spray it on the bike to get rid of all the dirt and grime, before you even think about selling the bike. WD40 can be used on metal and plastic, making it an ideal cleaning product for bikes. You can also use furniture polish on parts like the centers of the brakes. And, you can use a Scotch‐Brite pad to shine the metal.”

Selling Your Bike? Spray and clean it

Take Good Photos Of  Your Bike

Good photos can help your bike stand out online. While you don’t need a professional camera to get the job done, you should still make good use of the camera that you already have (i.e. the camera on your smartphone.) Plus, using your own camera shows the authenticity of the state of your bike.

Here are some quick tips for getting good photos:

  • Light is essential for your photoshoot. Early morning hours or before sunset outside are the best times to take photos of your bike.
  • Your lead photo should be on the right side of the bike.
  • Take your photo at the level of the bike to gain perspective of how big it actually is.
  • Place the bike against a clean wall or background. If there’s nothing for the bike to lean against, use a stand or stick to prop it up with.
  • Take photos from a few different angles, including any dents or blemishes. Remove anything that’s not included with the bike.

Photography tips for online adverts

Time To List The Bike!

Now, it’s time to sell! When listing your bike, be sure to include the following information in the relevant fields:

  1. The title typically has the bike brand, model, year, and size.
  2. The key features are normally the key aspects of the bike. You don’t have to list every single feature; just name only a few notable ones that you think might attract buyers.
  3. The description is your time to shine. Describe how fun your bike is, as well as the other good qualities of it. However, still be honest and clear about the product.
  4. Also, describe why you’re selling the bike (i.e. upgrading to something new, you’re moving, etc.)
  5. And, point out any modifications made to the bike’s equipment, and what additional accessories are included (if applicable).

And, the good news is, if you’re looking to sell your bike, you can list it on our website at Preloved, the best place online to buy and sell something today!

How To Sell Your Bike

So, now that you know how to sell your bike effectively, you can now hop onto the computer and make a good listing that you can be proud of. We hope that this article will help you sell your bike without any hassles!

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