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Restoration Day 2018 | Fall in Love with Original Beauty

This August, Preloved is excited to be celebrating the return of the increasingly popular Restoration Day, taking place on Sunday, 19th August.

Launched back in 2015, the event is a time to celebrate the joy of restoring items that have seen better days, and taking them back to their former glory.

Here at Preloved, we know that secondhand isn’t second best and for those looking to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind original, a restoration project lets you own a little piece of history while saving money in the process.

Preloved member Tony's 1957 MG Magnette restoration

Preloved member Tony’s 1957 MG Magnette restoration

What is Restoration Day?

Preloved celebrates National Second Hand Day each spring, with advice on upcycling and recycling, so what’s different about Restoration Day?

Unlike upcycling, where an object is repurposed, restoration is all about returning an item to its original state, whether that’s the condition, position, or function.

How are we celebrating?

  1. We’ll be running amazing discount code offers on Restoration Day, making it even easier to start your own restoration journey. Check out our  Twitter and Facebook posts for the code, revealed later this month!
  2. Share your restoration projects with the Preloved audience to help inspire others, using the hashtag #RestorationDay to feature on our social channels!
  3. Plus, the most popular of our members’ restoration projects will win a FREE 12 Month Premium Upgrade.
Michelle's restored 1875 farmhouse sideboard from 2015's Restoration Day

Michelle’s restored 1875 farmhouse sideboard from 2015’s Restoration Day

How else can I get involved?

Why not check out the Preloved site and find your own restored classic? Or maybe start a project of your own?

Preloved olds the key to all the restored gems you could possibly need in our most popular restoration categories, classic & specialist cars, furniture & fittings, antique, collectors & period furniture and antiques & ornaments

If you’ve seen something on Preloved and you’re thinking of restoring it to its original beauty but you’re unsure where to start, the Preloved blog is full of handy hints and tips from some of our lovely Preloved members. We’ve got guides on restoring furniturerestoring classic cars and restoring a VW camper: part 1 and part 2.

Preloved member Jim's Marshal Amp restoration

Preloved member Jim’s Marshal Amp restoration


Don’t forget to join in the fun over on our  Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram and show us how you’re celebrating!


Featured image taken from Preloved’s Revival Furniture – check out more of their adverts here.

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