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Speed Selling

Clearing out the clutter and want to turn it into cash in a flash? Ever wondered how some people make their stuff stand out from the crowd for a quick killing?

We’ve looked at the thousands of adverts that are posted on Preloved each month to find out the common factors that successful sellers share. Follow our Top Ten Tips for Selling at Speed and you could quickly be quids in!

Add a Photo

It’s top of the list – Add a photo. A picture speaks a thousands words and enables interested buyers to see exactly what you are selling. Make sure your shot includes all of the relevant details people will want to see. Include an image that is clear, so no blurry or shaky shots that show a lack of care and won’t instil confidence in buyers.

Snap to it – it’s FREE to include a photo with your advert so there’s no excuse for not making your pitch and picture perfect!  Add a photo to your adverts…

Select the Right Category

Make sure that your ad is in a category that makes sense and is obvious to people searching on Preloved. Firstly, try it yourself by using the search function on the ‘Choose Category’ page to see where your ad will be best placed. If you think it fits in more than one category it’s no problem as you can place additional adverts in other categories for FREE.

Write a Detailed Description

Take some time to think about the information potential buyers would like to know about the item you are selling. There’s no limit to the amount of words you can use to describe an item, so be as detailed as possible.

Most buyers will want to know such information as the age of the product, its various features, dimensions, condition and the reasons for the sale. Make sure you give an honest account of the item, including any problems or things that might need attention. The more honest information you give them, the more confidence a buyer will have and it will also avoid any later haggling or time wasting for you both. Edit your adverts…

Stand Out from the Crowd

In at number four –  Stand Out from the Crowd and get ahead of other sellers who are advertising similar items. For example, if you’re selling an old VW Beetle you will be competing with hundreds of others, so make sure your advert engages a buyer. Perhaps you could include a funny story that includes the car or something about why you feel it’s unique and a great buy. Edit your adverts…

Unlock Keywords

Thousands of visitors to Preloved drill down to find the exact item they are looking for by using a keyword search. Make sure you are using the correct keywords that will bring your item up in the search results. Keywords should be included in both the title and description of your ad.

It’s also important to use a spell checker to make sure that no unwanted misspelt keywords have crept in which will stop your advert appearing in the search results. With items that can be difficult to spell (think Manolo Blahnik!), include various spellings to increase the chances of it being found. Edit your adverts…

Take Time with the Title

If you want high visibility in Preloved’s listings, alongside boosting your coverage on Google and other popular search engines, the title of your advert is important.

Remember: be concise, clear and informative.

Here’s some examples of good advert titles to give you the idea:

  • Ikea Klippan 2-seater sofa with cream cover
  • 14ft Ace Marauder Touring Caravan with Awning
  • Spiderman lamp, duvet cover, blanket and laundry basket

And a few that could do with a little more tweaking!

  • Baby buggy
  • Boat for sale
  • Bargain buy!

Friendly Face

Potential buyers like to see a friendly face and to know who they might be dealing with. Upload a nice photo of yourself and fill in your Preloved Public Profile so visitors can see you are a real person! Include information about hobbies and why you’re passionate about preloved items, making like-minded members more likely to get in touch and strike up a new friendship.

Edit your public profile…

Nice Price

Think about the price you would like to achieve for what you are selling, but be realistic and make sure it’s attractive to potential purchases. It’s worthwhile taking a look at similar items on Preloved to see how much they are being advertised for to give you an idea of where to pitch your item. If you are keen to sell, price competitively, but if you believe your item is worth more than others you have seen clearly explain the reasons why.

Update your prices…

Refresh for Success

Update your advert regularly. If a visitor to your ad sees that it has not been updated recently they might naturally assume that it has been sold and continue their search elsewhere. By quickly renewing your advert it refreshes the Last Edited date and shoots it higher up the listings to increase its visibility.

Renew your adverts now…

Premium Appeal

If a house needs kerbside appeal to sell, then the adverts on Preloved that have the most impact belong to Premium Members. Why? It’s simple, each advert packs a real punch with:

  • Visually appealing distinctive backgrounds
  • Attention-grabbing priority placement within our listings
  • Supersized adverts that fill the entire page with the navigation bar and all other advertising removed
  • A supersized main photograph that stands out from the crowd, alongside unlimited additional photos to give greater detail
  • Links to other websites

Find out more about Premium Membership…

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.