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10 DIY Wedding Toppers

Finding wedding cake toppers that represent you can be tricky if you are looking for ways to not overspend on your big day. Although you can find some outstanding toppers out there, there is something special about making or finding your own. Perhaps you can look for something that defines you both, such as your profession, your hobbies, or personality. If you see people looking at the topper, point at it, nod and smile, then you have done a good job. Therefore, we have gathered 10 DIY wedding toppers that look fab and are super easy to source.

1. Dinosaurs! These are lots of fun with the outfits and just look at that lippy! You could also make it a little fancier and spray paint them instead.
1. dinosaurs

2. Pinecones. It doesn’t sound that creative, but just look at this pair! Cute.

2. pinecones

3. Using two puzzle pieces is such a great symbol, don’t you think?

3. puzzle

4. Similarly, Lego is also a great pick!

4. lego

5. You could dip two strawberries in black or white chocolate.

5. choc dipped strawberries

6. You can try your hand at origami.

6. origami

7. You can, literally, put any pair of animals. From penguins, to elephants to seahorses, to… well, cows.

7. cows

8. You can make gingerbread (wo)men.

8. gingerbread

9. Reuse the corks of the wine you have shared over dinner.

9. corks

10. Or you can simply put a photo of each other on a photo stand.

10. photo2

Get creative and check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.