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Yoti: The Benefits

Yoti: The Benefits

Last week we explained what Yoti is and how you can get it set up on your account. Now we want to detail the benefits to Yoti and why we choose to implement, not only their service but them. It was important to us with the previous increase in online scammers for us to get this rolled out as soon as possible. Meaning that we have been working closely with our development team since last year. Subsequently we are now the first classified site to have this type of verification that allows our members to verify themselves from the comfort of wherever they are at the time. This verification will be visible with a blue tick, that will be on your accounts page and with your listing’s membership details so that the seller can tell without leaving your ad.

How It Benefits You

When it comes to what we do with Preloved we are always considering ways in which we can benefits you, our members, or site visitors. Therefore, imbedded into our vision is that we want to continue to be the UK’s most trusted classified advertising site. This is to allow you the consumer to have a safe and relaxing time when transacting online with people that you don’t know, creating a level of transparency for both the buyer and seller.

In 2020 we faced a lot of hardships, when it came to classified sites there was a noticeable difference in fraudulent behaviour with scammers taking advantage of the fact we were all at home locked down. These scammers were both prevalent online and offline, but all the same they were on the incline. This resulted in us looking at solutions for our valued and trusted members, from that we have released Trustap and Yoti. Trustap is our new escrow service that allows our customers a complaint window before releasing the money to the seller. This looks to prevent them selling something that isn’t to standard or add protection around emotional purchases. Regardless of COVID emotional purchases such as pets are always privy to scammers and fraud. Which is where the importance of identity verification really comes to it’s peak. Highlighting the importance of Yoti.

As well as providing all members with a level of security. It allows our buyers and sellers to hold an air of responsibility. This will hopefully act as a filter for scammers as the more get verified.

The Benefits of Yoti

In order for you to reap these benefits, you will need to verify your identity. Now we understand how verifying benefits you, we can look at why it was that we choose Yoti. Yoti is a highly trusted service encrypting their data to highest degree, to ensure your details are safe. Using technology that is certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 information security standards and security controls audited using ISAE 3000 (SOC2) methodology. It’s system is so trusted that the Royal Mail Post Office uses them for their identity verification. They use the programme called EasyID, which generates your own digital ID. This digital ID can be used to collect parcels, prove your age, banking and employment. The Post Office integrated this system so that they could tackle their years of needing help managing people’s identity.

On top of all of that Yoti’s service is quick and easy. We want our members to have a nice and simple experience and with Yoti they can do that. In our last blog we showed how easy it is to verify your identity. When considering partnering with Yoti this was something that took into consideration. Due to it’s simple method this leave little to no room for error. Meaning that we don’t have to worry about any human error.

Why Yoti

Aside from the reasons that we have listed we also have many other reasons that we choose Yoti. The main reason for this was that they also focus their attention and funds to ‘social purpose activities’. Yoti have stated that they believe that digital ID technology has the potential to drive social change worldwide! As Yoti says “social purpose isn’t an add on. It’s at the heart of everything we do.” It was this type of social drive that draw us in to Yoti and partnering with them. As you know Preloved is looking at a more sustainable way to shop, by buying second hand and giving products another life, instead of the landfill.

To show you a bit more about Yoti here are the incredible work they have started/are looking to do, here are their six main activities which drive their social purposes.

  • An offline identity solution for the humanitarian sector.
  • A flagship, identity – themed fellowship programme.
  • A digital identity toolkit
  • Research that helps further the development of their sector.
  • A support programme for humanitarians,  tech-focused start-ups.
  • A series of global innovation challenges.

As well as these external social purpose activities they also look at some internal events. Such as, a ‘selfie day’, which is where every Yoti employee get 5 days a year for either personal development or support charitable causes. To help with some of their external activities they ensure that this service is free for registered non-profits and socially focussed organisations globally. Finally when the can they host events at their central office in London, making it available for small charity gatherings; don’t worry snack and refreshments are included. So keep your eyes out.

To get to know even more about the social purposes that Yoti do click here.

Refresher Course On How To Use Yoti

Now we have been through the benefits please see below to remind yourself how to step up your Yoti ID verification your ‘my accounts’ page. Or better yet head over to our other blog to see what Yoti is and how to use it, by clicking here. 



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