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10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

We all know that student life usually means scrimping on the pennies, so we put together our top 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room.

  1. Washi tape

    If you’re worried about your deposit, washi tape is great for sticking up posters and photos without leaving a mark. It can also be used to brighten up the edge of shelves etc.

    washi tape 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

  2. Fairy lights

    A super affordable and quick way to bring some life into your uni room (as well as reduce the need for the inevitable fluorescent lights) is a set of fairy lights. String them up along your desk, above your bed or around you notice board! If you’re struggling to find someone to hang all your photos, get some little wooden pegs and string them up along your fairy lights for a two in one cheap and easy decor win.

    fairy lights 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

  3. Colourful rugs

    Chances are that the carpet in your student room isn’t going to be great, whether it’s old and tired or a classic bus-set garish pattern. Brighten up your room and treat your feet with a colourful second-hand rug, it’ll make getting out of bed for your 9am lecture that little bit easier and make your room a little more you. Plus, you’ll be able to take it between different houses or accommodation and keep some decor consistency!

    Green Rug 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

  4. Cushions and blankets

    Whether it’s air-con wars or heating that has a mind of its own, there’s no harm in making your room just that bit cosier. Adding some cheap, cute cushions and a cosy blanket are a perfect way of bringing a bit of ‘you’ into the room as well as giving you a comfy place to chill out.

    cactus green cushions student bedroom

  5. Photos

    While you’ll be making plenty of memories in your uni years anyway, bring a bit of home with you and get as many photos as you can up in your room. Not only will they help with any feelings of homesickness if it’s your first time moving away from home, it’s a quick, easy and cheap way of making the room your own. There are loads of different ways you can stick them up, but be sure it doesn’t ruin the paint if you want to get your deposit back!

    photos stuck on wall

  6. Cute storage boxes

    Chances are, you’ve arrived and unpacked and already your wardrobe is overflowing and by the time you’ve finished freshers week, you’ve accumulated enough freebies that your desk is full to bursting. So, get yourself some second-hand Ikea storage boxes that you can hide away your mess in, ready for the mad tidy before your parents come and visit for the first time and you need to empty cans and pot noodles and dust off the recipe book they gave you to give the illusion you’ve become a master chef in your first few months!

  7. Get a good notice board

    Most student rooms will have a notice board or cork board but, if not, it’ll certainly be a must if you’re wanting to get organised. Whether you buy a cheap one or there’s one already there, make it your own and stick up photos and flyers from your favourite events, pop a hook in there for your lanyard as well as a note with all your key dates and deadlines.

    yeah notice board 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

  8. Wall hanging

    Make the whole room feel a little cosier by adding a wall tapestry or hanging, not only will it take some cold out of the walls if your room is chilly, but will make the whole place feel more homely.

  9. Add some greenery

    There are so many benefits to having houseplants around you indoors, but they also add a great homely touch! If you’re not the most reliable at looking after plants, get a succulent! They’re trendy in interior design at the moment and require a lot less attention than regular houseplants.

  10. Set a colour scheme

    Having a consistent colour scheme will make your student room feel like your room, plus it’ll give you a focus point for anything you’re buying.

That’s it for our top cheap ways to decorate your student room. Don’t forget that Preloved is jam-packed with second-hand loveliness just waiting for you discover and make your new home a home!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert