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Renovating Your Home During Lockdown? Our Top Tips

Renovating Your Home During Lockdown? Here’s Our Top Tips

Lockdown provides us with a lot of time to reflect upon our surroundings and to get started with improvements that are way overdue. This is the best time to get cracking with home renovations, not only because you will be able to see the work in progress but you will also have the opportunity to plan exactly how you want to do it. Here are some amazing tips for renovating your home during lockdown.

Renovating Your Home During Lockdown

Don’t be afraid to make lists when renovating your home

It is very important that you first list things before getting into the real renovation work. Listing here doesn’t just mean the ideas and budget but you also have to decide the days on which the renovation work would be done. You have to plan for the days when experts would come to check your house so that you are prepared with the requirements.

Make lists to be productive

Remove things that are not needed in your home

We know it is tough to discard things that have been part of your home for a long time, especially if they have some sentimental value, but it is necessary. Just think, having a good old declutter means you can replace them with newer items for your home. The once-loved items that do not work for your home anymore can be sold on Preloved so that you can make some extra money to go towards the renovation. You can also discover like-new gems in our household furniture section.

Sell your furniture on Preloved

Mark the spot you want special attention on

Every home has a special spot where people want something unique, so it’s essential to find that corner of your home. Whether it’s your hallway, an area in the kitchen where everyone typically gathers, or a porch to welcome family in the future, plan the special decor for your chosen space. This would make the entire home look beautiful whilst at the same time giving special attention to one area.

Renovating Your Home During Lockdown - Porch area

Make a budget for renovating your home

Despite having all this extra time on our hands, you should never force yourself to do a home renovation, even if it is much needed. Being mentally ready before having the finances in place just isn’t enough as making arrangements for your home can get quite expensive. You should always start saving for your home renovation beforehand and know about the estimated expenditure so you can start planning a budget.

Making a budget for home renovations

Use your time valuably

Although the majority of us are working from home, it’s important to be completely present while workers get started on the home renovation so that you are happy. You have to be able to guide them and ask for changes if needed. Your presence will ensure that the work is done with care. If you can’t see a project through with your full attention, try something smaller? Lockdown is the perfect time to start with some small renovations as even these little changes can make a huge difference to the entire look of the house. This can be anything from a lick of paint to some new light fixtures.

Renovating Your Home During Lockdown - Use your time wisely

Go through some creative ideas

Why not avoid the basic designs and go for something a bit more creative? List up your decor ideas and find inspiration before getting into it so you have lots of different options to choose from. Creative décor makes your home stand out even more and gives it a more unique feeling to how it was before. Besides, we don’t have much to look forward to during the pandemic so we may aswell get some excitement out of the look of our homes!

Get creative with painting

Get expert advice

Hiring different people or businesses for various parts of the home renovation is completely normal. It is also a great idea to consult a few experts to make sure things are done in the best way for you but also to save you money in some cases. You also need to feel like you can trust the workers to do an amazing job as any slight mistake can make things worse for you. It would be a good step to verify the experts beforehand. You can even ask friends or family for opinions and reviews on businesses they have previously used.

Get expert advice for your home

We hope you’ve found our top tips for renovating your home during lockdown useful! Visit James at Architecture Ideas here.

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