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How to Soundproof a Wall from Noisy Neighbours

From mild annoyance to lowering your house prices, loud neighbours can be a real pain, but there are ways you can reduce the amount of nuisance coming through. Here’s our guide on how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours!

Tips for Soundproofing Walls from Noisy Neighbours

  • Try talking to your neighbours first

    Your neighbours might not be aware of how noisy they are being or how easily you can hear them. Before you take any action, have a polite chat with them about it and you might be able to resolve the issue without spending any money or effort on soundproofing your walls.

    car on sofa wall soundproof

  • Don’t just soundproof the party wall

    Soundproofing the party wall (the wall shared with your noisy neighbours) will help dull or block some of the noise. However, for the best effect, soundproofing your whole room will also help reduce noise around the whole room. As well as the other methods mentioned below, this can be achieved using fabric decorations such as rugs, curtains and throws.

  • Get a solid core door

    Most modern properties have hollow doors, which can make noise in the room echo. A solid core door will dampen and absorb sounds and reduce the amount bouncing around.

  • Consider you might lose some room space

    Whether you are soundproofing your walls or ceiling, be prepared that you might lose space in the room itself as you thicken the walls!

Methods for Soundproofing Your Walls

  • Try adding some drywall, then redecorating the wall

    Conventional drywall isn’t the best at soundproofing walls, as it vibrates along with the sound coming through the walls and allows the noise from your noisy neighbours to pass through. However, you can buy soundproof drywall, which absorbs sound much better, although it is rather pricey.

    Use MLV to combat both airborne and impact noise

    MLV or Mass Loaded Vinyl is a flexible material that comes in rolls and can be both hung on the wall and put under the carpet. It’s a much cheaper alternative to other soundproofing alternatives. However, for it to work, it requires a very thorough application and will not work if not completed properly.

  • Dampen sound in the room with fabrics

    Thick, springy carpets are great at absorbing sounds and are a great way of absorbing sound, plus are a great way of making your room feel cosier! The same applies to adding thick curtains, rugs and throws around the room to absorb any extra sound.

  • Good ol’ fashioned egg boxes.

    An old trick for soundproofing your walls is to use egg boxes, which do not absorb sound but reduce sound echoing, thus reducing how much you hear of your noisy neighbours! They’re certainly not the most efficient way of reducing sound as they absorb very little sound overall, but they could help if you are looking for an easy, cheap fix.

How to use egg cartons as soundproofing

  1. Open the carton and use scissors to cut it in half, leaving a 1-2 cm flap around the edge
  2. Starting at the bottom, place it on the wall, with the domes facing towards you.
  3. Using the flaps you’ve created, staple the box to the wall
  4. Repeat as needed, being sure to overlap the flaps

That’s all for our guide on how to soundproof your wall from noisy neighbours. We hope you found it helpful and informative – if you have any more tips and tricks do let us know on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert