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Pianos for Good Causes from AnyVan

Back in October, we told you than AnyVan were bringing some happiness to the world with their #MagicVanMoves by connecting Preloved pianos to those who want to play. They not only received an influx of people with worthy causes to give a piano a home but plenty of kind people who wanted to donate their own pianos!


One piano went to Sarah-Jane, a mother of two autistic boys who love music, but the family did not have extra funds to buy instruments. Sarah-Jane was picked as the first “good cause” to receive a piano:

“We received the piano today, it is beyond amazing! You have made two young boys’ dreams come true! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, they love it so much. We are so grateful!”

piano2Emily is the music teacher at Oasis Academy. Their school is fairly new and didn’t have a big budget to spend on instruments, so there was a space reserved for a piano that wasn’t on the shopping list.

@OasisSilvertown said on Twitter they were “delighted with our ‘Pianos for good causes’ piano delivered yesterday by AnyVan. Thank you!”



Angela got in touch as she wanted to donate her own piano into the Family Centre where she works. She lacked the transport and manpower it takes to get it there, but she really wanted to help make a difference.

“Your extremely efficient guys came to move the piano this morning and it is now in pride of place in our Family Centre. Thank you so much for doing this under the Pianos for Good Causes scheme.”

It’s great to see one of our partners making a difference and we can’t wait to work with them more in 2018 to bring more good things into the world!

Want to see them do more? Vote here whether it should be ping pong tables or pianos next!



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AnyVan got its start in 2009, when founder Angus discovered that 50% of vans on the road were travelling half empty. He realised that filling those empty vans would create cheaper delivery costs and it would be better for the environment.