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Ten Quick Tips for Selling your House

If you’re thinking about selling your home Preloved is the perfect partner to help you cut out those fees charged by estate agents and other property sites online – you can list your property for FREE for as long as it takes to sell!

And we get results – over 70% of all property adverts on Preloved get replies and more than 40,000 messages have been exchanged been buyers and sellers in the last three months alone!

We’re also here to help make sure your home has the wow factor buyers expect by sharing our ‘Ten Quick Tips for Selling your House’.

Man with a Piggy BankThe Price is Right

Before setting the asking price for your property, you need to get a good idea of what similar houses in your area are currently fetching. Spend some time doing some research,  visiting the House Price Index on the Land Registry website is a good place to start, and scanning through local estate agents’ windows. The majority of potential buyers will want to negotiate before agreeing on a price they’re willing to pay, so give yourself some room to manoeuvre by adding up to 10% onto the price you’d accept.

Remember, if you’re selling for FREE privately on Preloved you’ll avoid estate agent’s commission, so consider that in your negotiations.

Kerbside Appeal

First impressions matter when selling houses. If your buyer sees peeling paintwork, weeds growing through cracks in the path and an old banger rusting on the driveway, their first impression won’t be ‘dream house’. Get busy cleaning the windows, sprucing up any paintwork and yanking out weeds.

Home Improvements

Just as important as that first impression outside, interiors need to offer a warm and pleasant welcome. If your hallway needs redecorating, get out your DIY gear. You might need to repair and fill any cracks or peeling wallpaper as a buyer may think that there are potential issues with your home. If you do decide to redecorate, keep colours neutral for broader appeal, allowing the buyer to imagine how they would have the home, rather than having to get past all your unique touches. However, be careful not to make your interiors too impersonal, just present them to their best advantage.

Box of ToysClear out Your Clutter

No one likes a mess – least of all potential house buyers! It could be as simple as making sure the washing up is done, dried up and put away; to a top-to-bottom de-clutter of all those things you’ve been meaning to sort out. Put things like clothes, toys, DVDs away in cupboards (otherwise buyers might think there’s not enough storage) or you can always sell them for FREE on Preloved to make some money while cleaning up in the property market. And don’t forget those garages, attics and sheds, too!

Clean Up to Cash In

Pull on those rubber gloves and give your kitchen and bathroom a good going over. Go on, give it some elbow grease! Get taps, plugs, showers, baths and toilets sparkling! Be sure to work hard removing any unsightly stains on tiles and grout and remove any limescale. In the bathroom, hang out clean towels and keep kitchen worktops clear of clutter.

Sweet Smells of Success

OK, it might be a bit of cliché to bake bread to give your home an enticing aroma, but you do need to make sure that there are no nasty whiffs assaulting your buyer’s nose as they take a tour. Throw open windows to let some fresh air in, spray air freshener, place bowls of potpourri in rooms and put on some fresh coffee! It’s also a good idea to tackle problem smells like blocked drains and musty furniture, rather than just covering them up. Perhaps the dog needs a good bath and shampoo? Remember: no buyer likes the smell of cigarettes, pets, damp or drains.

Picture Perfect

Selling your property on Preloved is free and easy, but you need to show visitors to our ‘Property and Accommodation’ category that your home stands out from the crowd. Think about how properties are presented in interiors magazines, plan your own mini photoshoot and grab a decent camera! You can include up to three images with a FREE Preloved advert, so choose your best rooms or the garden, stage them and get snapping. Similarly, be detailed when describing your property. For example, it’s worthwhile measuring out room sizes so you can include the dimensions in your advert, rather than doing a quick guesstimate. Include information about the surrounding area, such as local schools, train stations, sports facilities and restaurants.

Show Time

Showing your home to a stranger can be a little nerve-wracking, so why not ask a friend to come around for a rehearsal so you feel comfortable about what (and what not) to say. Open doors to rooms for buyers and let them go into the room first (and stay outside if the room is small). Tell them about any extensions or improvements you’ve made and gently highlight positive elements like a south-facing garden. It’s important not to overcrowd buyers, so keep the viewing business-like, while answering any questions they might have without piling on too much information. Once you’ve given them the tour, leave them alone to look around by themselves.

Willing Converts

If your property has areas that are ripe for conversion (potentially adding value), you might want to think about getting the work done before selling to maximise your profits. And even if you can’t afford to fund such projects as loft conversions, extensions or turning a garage into an extra bedroom, why not consider getting planning permission in place, which could prove attractive to a buyer?

Great Outdoors

An attractive garden can really help to sell a property. You’ve spent some time making the inside of your house look an appealing proposition for buyers, so don’t forget to make sure your garden’s assets are maximised. Cut the grass, tidy up any borders, prune back any shrubs and sweep the patio or scrub down the deck. And just like inside, think about staging your garden to show off its full potential, perhaps arranging a seating area or setting up the BBQ!

Alexander Vaughan

Alexander Vaughan

Newsletter Editor

Alex is Preloved’s Newsletter Editor. He’s a Yorkshire lad, born and bred, but sounds like he’s from Surrey. He has a passion for hummus, but doesn’t source this from Preloved. If Alex could be an item of furniture, he’d be a coat rack.