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12 Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

We make ourselves the same promises every week: this week I will not end up with a floordrobe or chairdrobe; I will not let the bathroom get those ugly suds rigs; the underwear drawer will be organised; I do not need 3 open bottles of ketchup.

It’s hard to maintain an organised home when all adults in a household work full-time. There are plenty of household items that do not fit in your average cupboard and so find an odd home that does not follow a logical thought. That is how foil and cling film end up in the tea towel cupboard. It’s not logical, but it fits.

What follows are some life hacks that might make you think: Why didn’t I think of that?!

1. Instead of having 3 separate baskets that you have to pick up and take to the washing machine. Instead, you can put together 3 canvas sacks (or 2, whatever floats your boat) and either keep it to the side or on top of the machine, or even under the stairs!

1. Tidy Storage House and Garden

Image Credit: House and Garden

2. By placing towel racks on the inside of the cupboard doors you can keep the lids of pots and pans, allowing the shelves to contain the receptacles.

2. babble

Image Credit: Babble

3. There comes a point in any family bathroom where products accumulate around the bathtub. If you have unused makeup or nail polish containers, or even some ceramic trays, consider having them in the shower as they will not rust unlike those metal caddies which you will have to replace every so often.

3. Graceful Order

Image Credit: Graceful Order

4. Have a look around your home for any unused nooks and crannies. This shelving unit was purposefully built to fit in-between the door and the fridge and fits any tall dry foods that would otherwise not necessarily fit in the cupboard. We all know how big those cereal boxes can get.

4. DIY-Rolling-Pantry-DIY-Passion

Image Credit: DIY Passion

5. By adding a false ceiling under the bathroom door, there is a neat little shelf where you can store any guest towels that aren’t being used at the moment. This will free up space in the wardrobes which in turn will allow you to have more space for clothes! Bonus.

5. the 2 seasons - over the door shelf

Image Credit: The 2 Seasons

6. If you can add a few more centimetres at the end of the bed, this option looks great. It was originally a vertical bookcase, but it has been turned on its side and now acts as extra storage for books, photo albums and blankets. And anything that looks less good on display, just pop it in a basket!

6. Vanilla Joy

Image Credit: Vanilla Joy

7. Now this is one of those ideas that just blow our mind. It is the last thing you would think to do, but is such an amazing idea. Storing wrapping paper is extremely awkward, and most of the time ends up with dents and crinkles. Not anymore!

7. storing wrapping paper Listotic

Image Credit: Listotic

8. If you don’t have any room under the stairs or in the hall, why not have some hooks on the banister? You could even have a hook allocated for each member of the family, an easy way to tell if they are home or not as you come in!

8. One Kindesign

Image Credit: One Kindesign

9. So this is where organised people store their food-wrapping tools. Crafty little things.

9. Stylist

Image Credit: Stylist

10. If you are unsure about leaving your bicycle outside, storing it in the entry way can be rather cumbersome. Just lift it off the floor! This option probably wants to make an artistic feature out of the bike (it’s a very pretty bike) but you can just as well store it vertically near the main door, thus reducing the chances of tripping to a bare minimum.

10. Kyle The Wilson 2

Image Credit: Kyle The Wilson

11. Are you guilty of having a surplus of wine after a little birthday bash? It was all an excuse to start your jewellery stand!

11. PopSugar

Image Credit: PopSugar

12. It is more than likely that there are at least 2 mobile phones, one laptop, one tablet and potentially an iPad at home. Add any cameras and music devices and you will have a great big tangle of cables.

12. Our Thrifty Ideas

Image Credit: Our Thrifty Ideas

Share with us any other organisational tips that help you on your day to day chores.

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert