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Top 10 Picnic Tips | How to Have the Perfect Picnic

July is National Picnic Month and the weather is just perfect for it, so here are our 10 top picnic tips!

  1. Take some ice cubes in a flask to keep your drinks cool

    Cool down your drink as you go with a thermos flask full of ice cubes, especially great when the weather is warm (or for a G&T!)

    picnic tips ice cubes jug strawberries

  2. Don’t forget wet wipes!

    Whether you’ve got little ones or big kids, you’re likely going to get mucky fingers, so don’t get caught out.

  3. There’s no need for disposable cutlery.

    Save waste and take your own! Plastic cutlery and paper plates are unnecessary waste that can easily be cut down on, save the environment and take your own and wash up when you get home.

    picnic tips

  4. Try to avoid really sticky foods and ice cream

    They’re hard to transport and will lead to more messy fingers than needed. Unless you have a freezer bag, ice cream is likely to melt before you get a chance to tuck in!

  5. Don’t worry about having several courses, spread everything out.

    Picnics are all about everyone diving in and picking up what you want, so don’t be constrained by sweet and savory, enjoy it all!

    picnic tips

  6. Plan beforehand!

    Some picnic spots can mean a long walk so make sure you’ll be able to carry everything

  7. Don’t forget suncream and bite cream

    Simply putting suncream on before you leave won’t be good enough if you’re planning an afternoon trip, especially as lunchtime is often UV is at it’s highest!

    picnic tips

  8. Take a rubbish bag!

    Be sure to leave your picnic spot as you found it. Collect up any rubbish and make sure nothing flies away – the less plastic packaging you use the better.

  9. Make sure you don’t take anything that could pose as a fire risk!

    Especially in hot weather, barbecues and candles could easily cause a fire that could get out of hand. If you’re not sure, don’t risk it and cook everything at home and take fairy lights instead of candles.

  10. Pick the right blanket and a surface to put your food

    There’s nothing worse than getting a sandwich full of grass or knocking over your drink. So make sure you’ve got a good surface for your food, and make sure your blanket is big enough for everyone!

    picnic tips

That’s all for our top 10 picnic tips! Head over to our Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram and show us your picnic trips.

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert