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Neutral 0% – The Solution to Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Scandinavian people are notorious for having amazing skin; therefore it must be no surprise to learn that Neutral 0% is a Danish brand designed with healthy skin in mind. With more than 25 years’ experience, the brand has developed a range of household and skincare products intended for you and your baby. All the products are dermatologically tested to help take care of sensitive skin and prevent skin allergies.

Nowadays, it is difficult to keep on top of all the products available to us and our family, especially those who claim are great for our children’s skin. However, when looking closely at the ingredients, they aren’t that great. Additives such as perfumes, colourants and parabens might make the product smell and look nice, but they can cause irritation, dryness and itchiness to the skin. Neutral has stripped it back and only uses necessary ingredients that clean and take care of our family and clothes.


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 Allergic or sensitive skin should never hold anyone back

As parents, our days are already busy; we do not need the added risk of causing our children discomfort. Skin allergies and sensitive skin such as eczema can make an unhappy baby who won’t be easily soothed. Moreover, add some irritated skin to your teenager and you will have a moodier, more frustrated and unconfident young person under your roof.

Neutral’s products are developed in collaboration with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association; this is a feat the brand is extremely proud of as it ensures only the best quality products are produced for you and your family.

Designed with a fresh Scandinavian aesthetic, Neutral products are exclusively sold on the website and facilitate a subscription service so you will never run out of essentials. You can choose from an array of products such as shea butter and glycerine-infused hand cream , unscented and paraben-free baby shampoo, wipes and bath wash , as well as liquid clothes detergent and fabric conditioner which are gentle on the skin but tough with stains.

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A sense of community

The Danish brand knows that community is important, so they like to encourage customers to share ideas. To inspire our members to exchange their wisdom, here you have Neutral’s top tips on caring for your child’s sensitive skin:

  1. When buying new clothes, always wash them first before wearing them for the first time.
  2. Wash blankets and soft toys from time to time to reduce the amount of dust mites.
  3. Avoid using skincare products with perfumes.
  4. Wash their face in the morning and in the evening.
  5. Change bedding at least every fortnight. Remember to wash the sheets at 60 with unscented detergent – as well as towels, dishcloths and underwear to get rid of bacteria. The fresh air will leave the clothes with a lovely natural scent.Kids_Washing_1-124324
  6. Wipe down kitchen counters and shelves regularly to avoid dust and bacteria build up.
  7. After bathing them, dab-dry their skin rather than rubbing it with the towel, thus avoiding unnecessary irritation.
  8. Strive to dry your clothes outside as much as possible as opposed to having them in the tumble dryer or on a clothes horse; it will avoid humidity and reduce the presence of dust mites.
  9. Moisturise your child’s skin after bath time.
  10. Hoover regularly, especially if you have pets.

If you also have sensitive skin, share with us your own tips! You can also go ahead and follow Neutral 0% on their social media. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Neutral 0%

Neutral 0%

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Developing allergies is a growing problem in the current world. For more than 25 years, Neutral 0% has been helping to take care of sensitive skin and to prevent skin allergies by carefully developing everyday products that match your expectations in terms of performance, but are 0%. So you can take good care of your clothes, yourself and your family.