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12 Ways You Can Add Pink to Your Child’s Room

So your child likes pink. That’s okay! It’ll all be fine. Let’s think practically about this. This obsession will likely last until teenage years, when they’ll want to plaster their walls with posters of their favourite musicians, films, love-lusts. Realistically that’s, what, 10 years of their life?

It all boils down to one question: how often are you willing to redecorate? Your child‘s room is also part of your home, yet they will need said room to represent them. They will sleep, play, relax and do homework in their room. So garish colours might not be the way to go – one feature wall, perhaps?

So, if you are planning on decorating with all things pink, this is probably not the post for you. We’re just going to throw about some suggestions on how to add pink to the room without it being overbearing.

Pink walls

If you don’t fancy painting a whole wall pink, why not make a geometric shape?


Image Credit: Live Loud Girl

Keep all walls simple except one, and make that one busy. Aim for it not to be one your child is likely to see at bed time.

Design Loves Detail

Image Credit: Design Loves Detail

Or just add a funky headboard!

Mommo Design

Image Credit: Mommo Design

You could also make use of colour by allocating different areas of a room. For example, this is the study area; you could also make a reading nook or play corner!

Pinterest 11

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pink furniture


If you choose one item of furniture to be pink and add touches here and there it’ll make much more of an impact than having every single thing pink.

a place for us

Image Credit: A Place for Us

Note the use of wallpaper on the shelves. While it is not completely pink, it does have pink tones, and that works really well with the salmon tone of the dresser.


Image Credit: Petit and Small

How about an ombre effect on the different drawers?



Image Credit: Project Nursery

Similarly, paint accents in the room, such as the fire place, skirting board or picture rail.

9. pink - Pinterest 10

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pink soft furnishings

Dusty pink is a safe bet as it is not quite pastel; it has an ever so slight touch of grey undertone. Canopies are becoming increasingly popular and we can see why!

1. pink - Pinterest 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

Curtains are another way of contributing to the ambience. The light will help reflect the rosy tones around the room.

Pinterest 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

Decorate mirror frames or photo frames with pretty flowers or ribbons!

Pinterest 5

Image Credit: Pinterest

And, when in doubt, pink bedding. And bunting. Always.

Pinterest 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

Let us know which has been your favourite! And if you have given your child’s room a makeover, why not get in touch with us and share your experience with the Preloved Community! Email us as



Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert