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Inspiration: 9 Great Ideas for Small Spaces

With more and more people living in the city, space is at a premium for a lot of urbanites. We are always on the hunt for new ideas to maximise space, so here are some tips to help you decide how to distribute your small space!


  • If your bedroom is small, instead of having beside tables, why not have some fancy shelving? These particular ones are made of metal and glass, so the light of the lamps glows throughout the different levels.
1. Small My Favorite and My Best

Image Credit: My Favourite and My Best

  • Many people forget about the top of tall furniture. This example in particular has some paint-dipped baskets. You could store some belts, bags or loungewear!
2. Small Apartment Therapy 2

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy


  • Bathrooms can be a tricky space to maximise as they tend to be designed to contain a bath/shower, toilet and sink. So, one option is to go old-school and have a fun little curtain around the sink. You can then place some baskets underneath.
3. Small Country Living

Image Credit: Country Living

  • We thought this option looked interesting. If your bathroom stays damp most of the day (i.e. if the bathroom has no window, no we’re not bitter) it would be worth looking into what type of material to use – whether it be wood, glass or steel.
4. Small Architecture Art Designs

Image Credit: Architecture Art Designs


  • As we have mentioned before, take advantage of empty spaces such as the fridge. This kitchen has pasta and grains on display as well as pots and pans.
5. Small Cup Of Jo 2

Image Credit: Cup Of Jo

  • Finding an unobtrusive place to keep your recycling can be challenging in a small space. People tend to store a box under the sink, or perhaps you have a “hoover cupboard” – you can put a couple of boxes in there. Alternatively, you can stack! This looks simple and functional.
6. Small Curbly

Image Credit: Curbly

Living Room

  • Now this is a great idea, and of course it would be on the Martha Stewart website. They tell you know to make this filing system, but it really is very simple. By finding a hanging folder that fits into the wooden chest, and adding some cork to the lid you will have a very easy way to store important documents and bills. If you want to go that extra mile, you can create a caddy to keep office supplies.
8. Small Martha Stewart

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

  • This auxiliary table are really quite something. They have something Scandinavian about them, and they look very simple to make.
9. Small Sinnen Rausch

Image Credit: Sinnen Rausch

  • And, of course, one of the most difficult places to decorate is the entry hall. This one has a shelf, a bar underneath, and some square shelving above. That’s it. In turn, the entry can be used as another storage area in the home; keep bags on hooks, have a mirror with your current favourite lipstick and perfume, and even have some plants and books! It looks lovely.
10. Refinery 29

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Let us know what other ideas you have used in your home to maximise your space!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert