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DIY Cake Stand

Tiered serving plates are all the rage these days. You will see them at weddings, bridal or baby showers or at random tea parties that are getting very popular here in North America. If you are looking to buy them you will have to pay a pretty penny for them, but there is a way around this as you can make them yourself. There are really only a few steps involved, and if you are on board you can get yourself a pretty little gem in virtually no time at all.

Cake Stand


Here is what you will need:

  • Power drill
  • Diamond drill-bit designed to drill through ceramic tile
  • Goggles (or eye protection)
  • 2-3 plates depending on the number of tiers you are making
  • Support posts (available online or in cake decorating shops)
  • Ruler
  • Water

Cake stand and tools


Turn your plate upside down and find the centre of the plate. This will be the spot to drill. Before you start drilling make sure that you have poured some water inside the rim on the back side of the plate. Drilling creates friction and heat and without the water to cool the drill bit down, you would risk breaking the plate. Drill bits come in different sizes, so make sure you have one closest to the size of the part of the support post that you will be inserting through the new hole. You should be working on a hard surface and insert some sort of padding between the surface and the plate. A folded towel will do just fine.

NOTE: Make sure you are wearing eye protection while drilling, as little shards of china may become air born. 

Once the hole has been drilled and sized the majority of the work is already behind you. Just thread the posts through the holes, screw them tight and your work here is done.

Cake Stand upcycling


Since you already have all the tools, you can follow the same instructions to make a plate clock. Instead of the supporting posts you will need to source a clock mechanism and a pair of hands. Make sure the size of the hands are appropriate for the size of the plate. Clock hands usually come in black or gold, but with can of spray paint you can give them a whole new and colourful personality.

Plate Clock


And this is where it ends. Easy peasy, right?

Now it’s your turn!

Jelena Pticek

Jelena Pticek

Writer and expert

Jelena is a Canadian artist who specialises in upcycling furniture, and the Preloved Upcycling Ambassador. She was recently selected to be Annie Sloan’s Painter in Residence, and is always on the hunt for inspiration for her latest pieces.