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Handmade for the Home

In this day and age we are becoming victims of throw-away-fashion and mass-produced items. This is also the case with furniture and décor in the home. There’s something special about homemade soft furnishings or wall art; it creates a sense of individuality and, in some cases, sustainability. At Preloved we want to share the idea that we can make and repurpose objects, and we have found some really nice ideas for you try.

1. Perhaps one of the first things one thinks of when making something for the home is a quilt. This one grabbed our attention because it is not your traditional square.

1. Style Juicer duvet

Image credit: Style Juicer

2. We all know that ironing board covers are not all that glamorous. If they are on display they never go with the rest of the house. So, why not make a cover in step with it?

2. iron cover the 36th avenue

Image credit: The 26th Avenue

3. Similarly, making your own tea towels will ensure they are made of the material you need, and can also be customised.

3. Purl Soho

Image credit: Purl Soho

4. If you have a sweater you no longer use, you can turn it into a pouf ottoman! Why not check out this super cute blog ftom Thoughts from Alice to learn how to make your own!

4. Thoughts from Alice Sweater Pouf Ottoman

Image credit: Thoughts from Alice

5. Why not look into some cross stitch or embroidery? There’s no need to go all out and cover a whole wall, but having something here and there might look nice. You might also find some that are already made and, if you like the design, why not go for it? You just need to source a frame.

5. The Twist Family2

Image credit: The Twist Family

6. How about soap? Although making your own soap can seem a little daunting, The Things We’ll Make has a great beginners’ recipe for homemade soap – plus extra things you can add to make it more fun!

6. The Things We'll Make

Image credit: The Things We’ll Make

7. You must have pressed flowers as a child, don’t deny it. There’s not much to it. Pick some flowers or leaves that are unblemished and put them between two sheets of absorbent paper. In turn, put this between a couple of sheets of newspaper and place into a heavy book, typically an encyclopaedia.

Then put another couple of heavy books on top and leave it for 4 to 6 weeks. Once they are dry, lay them all out and stick the dried flowers onto some paper or bard with PVA glue when you’re happy with your design.

If you want the frame to not have any card and for the flowers to be visible on either side, apply the glue carefully and sparingly so it is barely perceptible when it dries.

7. A Handmade Cottage

Image credit: A Handmade Cottage

8. Just look at those cuties! This is a great way of preserving the surface of your laminate floor.

8. Pinterest Floor Protector Chair

Image credit: Pinterest

9. Crocheted coasters can save from many a tipple. They absorb condensation and protect from scratches on glass or wood.

9. Ravely crochet coaster

Image credit: Ravely

10. Air dry clay. Yes, you read correctly. There’s no need for a kiln here!

All you need is some air dry clay, some stamps, an ink pad, a set of small bowls, a rolling pin, a knife and some sandpaper. Knead the clay until it’s soft and roll out the clay to about 5mm thick, soak the stamps in ink and transfer it to the clay. Repeat until you are happy with the overall design. They key is not to press down too hard, as you want to lift the clay afterwards. With the bowl and knife, cut away the excess clay.

Place the circle inside the bowl and use your thumbs to press the clay down gently into the bowl. Leave to dry overnight.

The following day, the printed side should be hard enough to remove it from the bowl; leave the clay bowl upside down on a baking cooler rack to allow both sides to dry fully. When dried completely, sand down any rough edges. Check out the full tutorial here.

10. diy-stamped-clay-bowls-new Gathering Beauty

Image credit: Gathering Beauty

What other handmade items have you got in your home? Show us! We also want to see if you try your hand at any of these ideas!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert