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13 Ingenious Ways to Decorate an Unused Fire Place

Conserving the period features of a home contributes to the character and its overall value. It is so sad to see fire places and chimneys bricked up or obliterated, so why not utilise them or decorate them?

You could retain the essence of the fire place and its original purpose. Have a pile of logs.

1. fire Pinterest 8

Image Credit: Pinterest

Add some fairy light to add some warmth to the room.

2. fire Pinterest 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

Or fill the chimney with logs.

3. fire Room Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: Room Decorating Ideas

White and cream coloured candles look amazing against the dark backdrop.

4. fire One Kindesign

Image Credit: One Kindesign

Paint the fire place a bright colour; a fun drawn or painted fire would look great in the kids’ room or even in the office!

5. fire BritCo

Image Credit: BritCo

Fill it with books.

6. fire homedit 2

Image Credit: Homedit

Or store your vinyls in it.

7. fire Pinterest 10

Image Credit: Pinterest

If your child has a fire place and too many stuffed toys, how cool does this look!

8. fire House and Garden

Image Credit: House and Garden

Or why not build a den?

9. fire Amazing Interior Design

Image Credit: Amazing Interior Design

It also a great place to have a blackboard.

10. fire Nibs Blog

Image Credit: Nibs Blog

Use it for storage.

11. Pinterest 9

Image Credit: Pinterest

Shelves look great, too.


Image Credit: Ikea

Or display your succulents.

12. fire Pinterest 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

Or give your furry family member a cosy bed.

13. fire Laurel and Wolf

Image Credit: Laurel and Wolf

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments! 

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert