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Green Friday on Preloved

Green Friday on Preloved.

Green Friday is Preloved’s way to think more sustainably during the buying madness that is Black Friday. We aren’t naïve to the fact that it’s hard to pass up on a bargain and black Friday/cyber week bring you all the bargains that you want in one place; and at a great price too!

What is Green Friday?

Instead of sitting staring at a screen for the whole day Green Friday is the initiative that tries to pull you away from buying. Even if it is just for a short moment. It is the consideration of making more conscious decisions when you are purchasing items. It also explores the idea of giving. Whilst it makes more sense to do a clear out before, you can also tackle it after.

With over 8 million tonnes of plastic still entering the ocean, being a conscious consumer continues to become more important by the day. Which is why we need to think smarter about what we invest our money into.

The ethos of Green Friday isn’t just about how you can shop greener but also how you can act “greener”. It is also there to encourage you to get out and about in nature, spending time thinking of how you can be more ethical in other works of life. Think of the activities you do with your friends and family, or tasks you complete around the house; such as recycling.

How To Join In On Green Friday

Green Friday falls on Friday 26th November. There are many ways you can get involved and make more considered choices, past the ones detailed above. As we mentioned you can still get that shopping itch on Black Friday and if so go for it – just think a bit more logically on it. Here are our 3 Preloved tips on how you can join Green Friday:

Think Green – ‘Why and How’

Why are you getting it? Are you getting it because you’ve done a clear out and realised that this was the piece you were missing? Or are you just getting it as a treat? If those two are yes then by all means buy away, if you are finding yourself buying it even though you’d never want it full priced then maybe reconsider it.

How are you going to fit it in your home? Do you actually have the space? It’s always worth pre-planning your shopping and figuring out if you need or want it. Whilst we are in no position to tell you not to buy something if you want it, it just posing a few more questions of if it’s the right purchase for you right now.

Shop Well – ‘Where and What’

Where are you getting it from, do you know that these products will last you, are they worth it even if it is a good offer? If not then why not look else where, don’t get sucked into the good offers. The bargain will be even more rewarding when someone asks about the item in years to come and you can brag about how great it’s lasted at such a great price!

What are you buying? Does it need to be bought brand new or could you look for it second-hand? Sometimes it is better to cut through all the noise around Black Friday and head to your local charity shops, or online classified sites like us at Preloved. Not only might you be able to find a steal but you can also find a unique piece.

Get Outside

Winter walks are a personal favourite of mine. With the air that bit crisper the past two week I can’t say no to a stroll before or after work; even if it’s just round the block. So why not get connected with nature and take yourself and your family out and about. The Christmas lights are on in most places or there will be some Christmas display near you so why not get out and explore it!

We would love to hear what you are doing this Green Friday so be sure to put the #PrelovedGreenFriday


Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

Marketing Executive

Lucy works on all things Marketing in the Preloved Team. Not only does she love all things puppy related but she also enjoys trying her hand at any and all DIY's.