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Bike to School Week

It’s time to ditch those four wheel vehicles and hop on your two wheel ones! That’s right it is that time again, running from the 27th September to 1st October is ‘Bike To School Week’. This is an event that runs across the UK and encourages families to cycle/scoot to school; celebrating the benefits of an active route to school. Looking to improve the whole families fitness, and get them on the right track to start their days.

What is Bike To School Week

Organised by Sustrans and supported by Bikeability trust, bike to school week looks at changing families school commute. Travelling actively to school can help benefit both parents and children, and has a positive impact not just on their health and wellbeing but also the environment. Whether you choose to scoot or cycle you will be benefiting yourself and those around you, and this is what bike to school week looks to encompass. During Sustrans Big Pedal, which took place in April 2021 over half a million children cycled/scooted to school.

How You Can Get Involved

Everyone can get involved in bike to school week as there is no registration process with the school. All that Sustrans ask you to do is pledge your journey (click here), this is because this year they’re trying to track how many families take part. If your child’s school does want to get involved there are plenty of resources on the Sustrans website from lesson plans, to road awareness and lots of posters. Once you have pledged your journey then be sure to fill out the Sustrans form, by submitting the form you could be with the chance to win a Frog Bike worth up to £400.

The Benefit of Bike To School Week

Now that you have signed up and are ready to start your bike to school week it’s time to reap the benefits. There are loads of benefits to getting active on the way to school; we have listed some of our favourites below:

  • Teaches children more awareness around road safety and allows them to feel more independent;
  • Pupils arrive more relaxed and with an increase in concentration, meaning they are ready to start the day;
  • Boost’s parents and children’s physical and mental health and their wellbeing;
  • There’s reduced congestion and pollution in the area of the school.

Need a Bike?

Buying a bike brand new can be pretty pricey, and sometimes, our budget just doesn’t cover it. Buying a bike second hand is a great investment, and many have been well looked-after and cared for by their previous owners. Nevertheless, there are certain things to always check and watch out for when buying a second hand bike. Read our Buying Guide: Preloved Bikes blog.


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