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‘Win The Ad’ for National Second Hand Day 2018!

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate all things second hand! Next Sunday is National Second Hand Day, the Preloved holiday!

And to kick things off this year, from Wednesday the 18th of April we’re running an amazing competition for our members to win a Preloved listing worth up to £200!


To Enter

  • Simply search the Preloved listings for an item up to the value of £200 that you want to win.
  • It can be anything; a dining table, a sofa, maybe even a car engine for you to tinker with – just no live animals!
  • Click on the ‘Share Advert’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the listing’s page. You can choose to share via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.



  • Be sure to tag us in your post so that we know you’ve entered:
    – @Preloved @AnyVan and #NSHDWin
    – You don’t need to enter any other text, but feel free to say Hi to us.



  • Don’t forget to change the setting to ‘Public’, otherwise we wont be able to see it. Then simply ‘Share’ it to your page.



  • You can check your own profile to make sure it’s posted ok, and we’ll be sure to ‘Like’ it in order to let you know we’ve seen it.



  • The winner will be selected at random on Monday, 23rd April, and notified within 2 working days.
  • Delivery of the item will be made by our competition sponsors, AnyVan.


Get Listing!

As members are scouring the site for their dream listings it makes sense to have a clear out and get those items you’ve been meaning to get rid of listed on Preloved. And here’s why:

  • If your listing is chosen by another member to be shared on social media, your listing will be seen by a whole new audience.
  • Even if your listing isn’t selected at random as the winning prize, you’ll have had more people viewing it, meaning it’s more likely to sell.
  • If the item’s larger, you don’t need to worry about arranging delivery or trying to help as the new owner struggles to get the item in the back of their car, because the friendly professionals at AnyVan will be collecting it on the winner’s behalf.
  • And don’t forget, AnyVan are always available to help if needed – in fact, your listing automatically creates an estimated cost for delivery based on the viewers location, should they want to know, making it easier for people further afield to buy your items.

For further information, please read our terms and conditions



Save money moving anything, anywhere with instant prices on deliveries and removals!


AnyVan is a delivery comparison site that matches people with items to move, with delivery companies making similar journeys.


Only delivery companies with over 98% positive feedback are used via the “Book Now” feature on Preloved, so you can rest assured your goods are delivers by a high class service.


Preloved is working closely with AnyVan to enable you to search for items further afield than ever before! Delivering goods doesn’t have to be expensive. AnyVan is used and loved by over 1,500,000 people across the whole of the UK and beyond!

Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

Marketing Executive

Lucy works on all things Marketing in the Preloved Team. Not only does she love all things puppy related but she also enjoys trying her hand at any and all DIY's.