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8 Effective Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

8 Effective Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

The coronavirus crisis continues to keep billions of people and their pets indoors. While the turmoil and struggle are real, all we can do is stay home and spend quality time with our family and furry pals. If you’re one of the few who have been quarantined with your furry buddy, then this blog is just for you. As you might all know, dogs are busy and restless creatures. And during your lockdown days, keeping your dog busy can be a challenging task. But fret not, because we will be revealing 8 effective ways in which you can keep your four‐legged friend busy during these unprecedented times. Take a read!

pampering your dog

Find the Treats Game

This particular game is not only a great time killer but also helps your dog enhance his sniffing skills. All you have to do is take a couple of your buddy’s favorite treats and let him have a peek before hiding it. Then tell him to go sniffing and find the hidden treats. Reward him with more treats if and when he finds those hidden ones.

treating your dog

The Shell Game

For this game, you will need three translucent cups and some tasty treats. Place the treat in front of your Fido and cover it with a cup. Add the other two cups next to it and keep shuffling its positions. Then call your furry pal nearer and tell him to sniff his way into picking one of the three cups. If he gets it right, reward him with the treat. If not, keep trying until he eventually gets the job done.

keeping your dog busy

Tug of War

The tug of war game is a great way to keep your dog busy. It also helps in strengthening your pal’s set of teeth. Take a rope and tell your pup to grab it with his teeth. Hold the other end of the rope and keep pulling it (with less force). Seeing this, your buddy will pull harder. It is important to not let loose but keep holding the rope as your buddy continues to pull with his teeth. Reward him with treats after the session.

tug of war with dog

Chores Assistance

You sure must be having lots of chores to do during the lockdown. Why not take the help of your pet? Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is not, especially if you’ve trained your dog correctly. Remember the fetch game? Well, if your buddy knows the game by heart, then that’s half the battle won. It might need some practice, and with further lockdowns in play, you will have ample amounts of time to teach your buddy to master his skills.

keeping your dog busy

Work For Food

Dogs always tend to get their food the easy way. Why not make them work for it? It is very much possible and something that will help them a great deal in the near future. Hide his food in interactive toys and see how he tries to muscle his way into getting the food out. This helps in your buddy’s brain development and at the same time, makes him a lot smarter.

keeping your dog busy finding treats

Hide and Seek

And then there’s the all‐time favorite game, which can be played by all. That’s right! Hide and seek is a classic game and you and enjoy such a game with your four‐legged friend too. Go and hide in one corner of the house and then call out your dog’s name. If he locates you, then that deserves a treat right there. Reward him with a treat and perhaps even a hug too.

hide and seek with dog

Doggie Massage

Massages are a great way to relax the body and feel good again, especially after a tiring day. Although you deserve a massage after playing games and doing fun stuff with your dog and also managing to do your work, your dog deserves a massage too. Give him the best massage ever because why not?!

massage your pup

Grooming Sessions

Fun and games are good, but most of the pet parents tend to forget the grooming part, especially during these times. Make sure you take out some time every week to groom your buddy. A full grooming session comprising of clipping the nails, bathing, cleaning of the ears, etc. is essential in maintaining proper hygiene in your pet. Recommended using dog skincare products to keep your dog skin & coat healthy. There are many websites available that offer you online pet supplies at the lowest rate.

washing your pup

Now that you know how to effectively keep yourself and your dog busy during lockdown, we hope you are already at it. Also, make sure to stay safe and keep your four‐legged friend safe as well.

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