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Caring For A Horse On Box Rest

Even though you know it’s for the best, it can still feel like a prison sentence for you both. But, as frustrating as box rest is for you, it’s infinitely worse for your four-legged friend. Keep them safe and entertained during this difficult time.

Mental Stimulation

  1. Boredom busters can provide entertainment, though limit the amount of time they have access so they don’t lose interest. Hanging turnips on a rope can provide a happy distraction.
  2. Rotate where you hang your hay nets to create some variety, and try double netting to slow down their eating.
  3. Place a mirror in their stable, along with a radio, to provide them with a little ‘company’ when you can’t be with them.
  4. Spend as much time as you can with your horse, take that little bit longer for grooming, massage and limited hand grazing.
  5. If you’re able to tie your horse securely in the yard while you muck out, your horse can benefit from some fresh air, a change of scenery, and nicely aired stable.
  6. Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Be sure to stay fit for the duration so that you’re ready to ride once your horse is better.
caring for a horse on box rest

Keep them entertained when eating succulents by popping them in a bucket of water.


Physical Care

  1. It’s important to aide digestion while your horse is on box rest, but don’t introduce changes to their diet too quickly. Do it gradually so that they have time to adjust.
  2. Increase the fibre content whilst reducing carbs.
  3. Soak hay in water to ensure your horse keeps up their fluid intake.
  4. Make sure your horse gets plenty of succulents whilst on box rest to ensure they’re getting the necessary vitamins, as well as some variety. This includes parsnips, carrots, turnips and apples.
  5. For some additional light entertainment whilst looking after their dietary needs, try putting succulents in a large bucket of water. This way your horse gets a healthy diet while they bob for apples or carrots!
  6. If you’re concerned your horse needs further support with digestion, you may want to consider a probiotic supplement.
caring for a horse on box rest

Box rest can feel like a prison sentence for your four-legged friend.

Always seek advice from your veterinarian when changing your horses diet or health care routine.

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