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Easy Cat Treat Recipe & Foods to Avoid!

If like us, you like to give your favourite feline friend a treat now and again, it can be too tempting to let them binge on human food they so longingly sniff for! With their adorable doe eyes and happy little purr, it can be too tempting to share some of your food with your cat – but you need to be careful as some food won’t agree with their tiny little bellies and can be toxic to their system. A lot of people are aware of basic rules, such as chocolate being toxic to dogs, but did you know that chocolate is also harmful to cats too? Although cats can be fussy eaters, they can be partial to the odd bit of human food too, so you really need to be careful what you do and don’t feed your fussy furry friend!

easy cat treat recipes

Foods That Are Harmful to Cats

  • Chocolate

Although people are often told that dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk and white chocolate for humans, the opposite is the case for cats. Chocolate causes intoxication in cats and belongs to a group of chemicals called methylxanthines. This affects the cat’s heart and nervous system, resulting in symptoms such as vomiting, dehydration, high body temperatures and even seizures.

  • Mould

If you find your cheese or butter has started to spawn mould, keep it well away from your cat. Although cats can be fussy, sometimes they cannot help the creamy goodness which they will find in your kitchen via dairy based products. Some moulds will produce tremorgenic mycotoxins toxins which can be life threatening to your family pet.

  • Raw Yeast Based Dough

The yeast in raw bread dough can be particularly hazardous to cats, causing their stomach to swell and expand. This can cause issues not only with the expansion of the stomach, but the yeast can also metabolise with the sugar in the cats stomach and cause a reaction which produces alcohol from within the cat itself. Due to the cats small body and lack of ability to digest alcohol, this can cause symptoms similar to drunkenness, where you will find your cat vomiting, disorientated and in extreme cases it can cause your cat to fall in to a coma or even death. Keep any raw dough or proofing bread away from your cat at any cost!

  • Onions

The compounds found in members of the onion family contain factors which can damage cat’s red blood cells. The symptoms can be displayed through darker, orange urine, pale gums and your cat may be reluctant to move. Although cats are not often drawn to the scent of onions, you should be aware of human products such as baby foods which may contain onion powder within the recipe. If you cat eats onions it may result in toxicosis, which in some extreme cases can only be treated with a blood transfusion.

There are other products your cat should avoid, such as milk, grapes, coffee and raw meat – which you can read about here; but what about the food your cat can eat?

Easy Cat Treat Recipe!

Enjoyed in moderation, this tasty and easy cat treat recipe is perfect for making at home for your little furry friend.

easy cat treat recipe

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For even more advice on what food you can and cannot feed to your feline, check out this infographic from Vet-Medic below:


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Amy Lockley

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