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Top Dog Friendly Camping Tips

Many of you may be planning on camping this summer and bringing your dogs with you, but before you do there are important things to consider. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips every dog owner must read before embarking on a camping adventure.

    1. Be considerate

Although taking your dog with you may sound like a great idea, it’s important to be realistic and considerate. If you struggle to control your dog and they can misbehave around other people and dogs, don’t take them. Camping is a relaxing activity for many people and it would be inconsiderate to bring a dog who is likely to bark excessively, especially in the morning or evening.


angry dog


  2. Find a dog friendly camping site

If you think your dog would be suitable to take camping, then the next step is to choose a camping site that accommodates dogs! Our top picks for dog friendly camping sites:

  • Old Oaks, Somerset
  • Wolverley Campsite, Kidderminster
  • Hollands Wood, Brockenhurst
  • Ashcroft Farm, Devon

   3. What to pack?

It’s important to be well prepared when taking your dog camping, we’ve got a list of the top items to bring – some you may not have even thought of!

  • Food; it can be tempting to simply feed your dog tit-bits from the bbq, but it’s important to maintain their regular eating habits otherwise it could lead to a poorly pooch tummy.
  • Poo bags; you never want to be caught short and there can be severe fines for fouling on campsites.
  • Towels; you’re likely to go on walks whilst camping and as a result dogs can get very muddy paws, bringing spare towels will save on a lot of cleaning!
  • First aid kit; accidents can happen anywhere and so make sure to pack a dog first aid kit just in case.
  • Extra blankets; just like us, dogs can get cold during the night so bring some extra blankets to keep them warm in the chilly evenings.
  • Short and long leads; it’s important to have leads that can control your dog whilst on the camp site and also let them roam when there is open space.
  • Stake; if you want time to relax, it’s a good idea to bring a stake or similar to attach your extendable lead on and let your dog wander in the close vicinity (no longer than 2m in UK campsites).


Alice Turner

Alice Turner

Writer and expert