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An Alternative To The Traditional Wedding Dress

Just because the new Sex and the City spin off ‘Just like that’ is wrapped up and finished. Doesn’t mean we can’t still embrace our inner Carrie Bradshaw. There is a little Carrie in all of us. Or at least some of her wardrobe. Whether it’s the naked dress, newspaper dress or her infamous Manolo Blahnik. There is just something to be said about the way she pulls together an outfit. For the sake of this article we are focusing on Carrie’s wedding dress shoot in the first SATC film. With how she transform the traditional wedding dress game. Which is why we are looking at an alternative to the traditional wedding dress, and showing you our results. Out with the old, in with the new!

Why Choose The Alternative Route

With everyone trying to out do one another with dresses, venues, even the proposal and having proposal pictures it can seem daunting planning a wedding. But, you can create your sense of individuality in more simpler ways. You don’t have to do it by having the biggest and best version of what everyone else has. Here at Preloved we preach individuality, as it comes hand in hand with shopping second hand. You can get something either unique or vintage. This is also a nice cost effective way to stand out from the crowd without screaming about it from the treetops.

What Is Considered An Alternative Wedding Dress

This really depends on what you think is traditional, and looking at something that is opposing to that. Most western weddings when you look at old TV and film will show the picture perfect cake topper dress. The massive, puffy, base and strapless. The classic Cinderella dress. However, we have moved on from there, our variety is huge! So in order to be alternative to your norms, figure out what they are and decide what you would like to be in.  The great thing about considering an alternative to the traditional wedding dress is that you can put your own individual spin on it, and dress for you and your figure. Gone are the days of ‘Vera Wang doesn’t fit you, you fit Vera Wang’

Avoid A Dress

This is the more simpler alternative wedding dress option. Avoid a dress all together. There has been a recent move to people trying out pant suits, or jumpsuits instead of the classic wedding dress. Whilst they are becoming more known they are still breaking away from that traditional sense, and offering the bride something alternative. Not to mention how strong they look with the silhouette!

Don’t Shy Away From Colour

We are now in a time where we are trying to break away from the social constructs that were set up years ago. Why can’t that relate to wedding dresses. Okay, we are being a bit dramatic. The point is the reasoning behind wearing white on your wedding day was made up years ago. We’ve moved on a lot since those days. So why not try something different. You might love it or lump it, but it could be a nice way to have an alternative wedding dress.

Why Have One When You Can Have Two

Okay stay calm, we aren’t implying you should get two wedding dresses. Trust us we know that one is plenty and costs enough as it is. What we are suggesting is trying a two piece. My personal favourite about this option is that you might wear one of the pieces again and it means it isn’t just sitting in a cupboard collecting dust.

Try Vintage Or Couture Fashion Alternatives

Just because someone has already worn it doesn’t mean it isn’t either unique to you or that it’s different to your traditional mindset. Getting something second hand/vintage gives you the chance to give an item of clothing another life. Not to mention if it’s couture you will be a real showstopper. Why not go all out with the style of your dress. So long as you stay within your budget. All eyes are on you anyway so why not make an impression. You and your partner are the stars of the occasion as much or little as you would like.

What Alternatives Are On Preloved

Preloved have a whole category dedicated to ‘Second Hand Wedding Clothes & Bridal Wear’. Where there are over 2,000 listings to date with options for you to peruse through! Whether you choose to go for an alternative option or traditional we have everything from dresses to shoes, or hats for the mother of the bride.

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Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

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