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How to Find Free Items

Preloved is well known for buyers being able to find second hand items at a fraction of the price, but did you know that Preloved has a whole section of the website dedicated solely to FREE items? That’s right, items that people are giving away for free! This section is called FREELOVED.

Through Freeloved, you can view hundreds of items that Preloved members are giving away for free. Not only does this mean that you can find yourself a great freebie, but also that we are helping to save the planet one small step at a time by recycling unwanted items and giving them a new home! Even Kirstie Allsopp has picked up on the great freebies found on Preloved, with items used in her “Fill Your House For Free” programme.

On average, the Freeloved section gets over 111,700 views per month, which means that if you wanted to create an advert to give an item away, it’s sure to be seen! And to make it even easier for you to find a free item near you, you can also sort all of the adverts into the order of those closest to you!

How To Find Free Items on Preloved

1. Click here to head over to the Freeloved section of Preloved

2. From there, you will see a preview of items that are being given away for free. If you scroll down, you can click ‘List more stuff for free”

3. You will see a Location bar on the left of the page, where you can then change how you prioritise your search results, easy!

So, now you know how easy it is to find some great freebies in your area! What are you waiting for?! Next time you think about throwing out that unwanted item, why not recycle and give it away to another Preloved member!

Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis

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