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Add Some Handmade Autumnal Décor to Your Home

What five things symbolise autumn to you? To us, it’s leaves, pine cones, blankets, cinnamon and candles. They are our inspiration for seasonal décor. While summer has been widely (mostly) enjoyed because of the nice weather, there is something special about autumn: the turning of the leaves, the gusts of wind, the walks in wellies, the chunky knits. Drinking hot beverages is comfortable again and it will probably rain an average of once a day.

It is the time we start squirrelling out seasonal decorations, we decorate surfaces with candles, we generally just enjoy the cooler days. Cosiness is the word. With that, we have selected 6 crafts you can make to add that bit of autumnal charm to your home.

1. Cinnamon stick candles

Perhaps one of the easiest ways of adorning a candle, you only need some twine, a rubber band, candles and cinnamon sticks. If you are worried about the candle melting with the cinnamon, try and find a candle that is contained within a glass container. Secure the cinnamon sticks around the candle with a rubber band, conceal the band with the twine, and say hello to your autumn-inspired candles!

1. cinnamon-stick-candles-4 Home Stories A to Z

Image Credit: Home Stories A to Z

2. Leaves bunting

Gather pretty leaves you spot on walks with the dog and take them home. Press by placing them between sheets of newspaper and leave to dry between some heavy books. The leaves will already be dry, so you won’t have to wait quite as long, one week should be plenty of time. Cut out the shapes of the bunting you want from old books, you will need to leave some space at the top to allow for the fold. Glue the leaves on and fold the top securing with staples leaving enough space for the string. That’s it!

2. simple as that blog

Image Credit: Simple as that Blog

3. Golden twigs

While you’re out looking for leaves, keep an eye out for some visually appealing twigs. Bear with us. We have all seen twigs in a vase, right? So, instead of paying for twigs, pay for a can of golden spray and you’ll get some pretty-looking nature!

Maureen Stevens

Image Credit: Maureen Stevens

4. Sweater pumpkins

There are many tutorials to make these, but we think these are the simplest ones. Use some sweaters that have been outgrown by the children in the family. Depending on how big you want your pumpkin, cut the sleeves of the sweater at bigger or smaller chunks. Turn the piece of fabric wrong side out and gather the wider end with a running stitch and pull it tight, then stitch it all together. Turn it inside out and fill the cavity with polyfill. Gather the top and tie the string around it several times until it is secure and you are happy with the way it looks.

4. sweater pumpkins Jill Ruth

Image Credit: Jill Ruth

5. Tartan hearts

As well as hanging these on the banister or the fire place, these woollen hearts can also be hung on door knobs. The tartan design and autumnal colours make this an idea addition to the seasonal décor.

5. Pinterest. wool

Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Dried oranges

If you are partial to a bit o’potpourri, this is the craft for you! Slice some oranges and place them on some paper towels to dry. Once the juice has been soaked up, place in the oven for a couple of hours at about 80°C until they are firm and leave them to cool. Then place in a bowl with pinecones and other autumnal accents.

6. vanilla-428125_1920

What other autumnal-inspired décor do you have in your home? Share with us your DIY projects in the comments or on Twitter @Preloved!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert