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10 Inspiring Ways to Repurpose a Door

If you have moved into a house that needs some work doing, chances are at some point you will choose to either renovate doors or you’ll remove them completely to make way to an open plan style. One o the first things that come to mind if one were to repurpose a door perhaps would be to use it as a table, particularly outside. Or it could be painted and mounted to a wall. Other people have been rather inventive when it comes to giving their old doors a new lease of life. Here are our favourite pieces.

You can use them to make a bookcase look more fancy.

1 - Pinterest 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

Or actually use it as a bookcase.

2 - Bulb to Blossom

Image Credit: Bulb to Blossom

You could use it ironically and have it next to the main door as a coat rack.

3 - Friendly Home

Image Credit: Friendly Home

Another way to turn it into shelves is to cut the door in half lengthways and join the two halves together at a 90° rectangle. Place it in a corner.

4 - Craftaholics Anonymous

Image Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

If your home is open plan, but you work from home, why not screen off an area to use as your office space?

5 - Pinterest 5

Image Credit: Pinterest

And if you like eating al fresco, this breakfast spot is semi-sheltered and so cosy!

6 - Pinterest 4

Image Credit: Pinterest

Speaking of using doors in the garden, how cool is this hide house!?

7 - Pinterest 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

Now, if you can do DIY, you can make something totally different! We love the look of this sofa made from a door.

Design Sponge

Image Credit: Design Sponge

And this bench would look ideal in a cottage or farmhouse.

Pinterest 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

And of course, you can always simple paint it, perhaps do a little decoupage, and prop it against the wall to add a nice feature to the room.

Pinterest 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert